19-05-12 Diablo Dam 414 km

Three bikes with three old guys met at McDonald’s for this 414 km ride to Diablo dam. First time I can remember that I was the youngest on a ride. But this title didn’t last very long. On the way to breakfast one bike broke down and had to be carried home on a truck. The other two joined by three more already at Rusty Wagon Restaurant. I am now not the youngest .there were two or three that had me beat by a few years. Breakfast done we were on our way, headed for Diablo dam. But of course and to make the ride more fun we have a few diversions form the straight down the highway route. We started with light cloud and it remained that way a good part of the day, the becoming sunny. The temperature was very favorable for riding. Hwy 20 east of Marblemount is a very scenic road to ride on and has it’s share of curvy parts. After the Dam visit it was back to Mondo Diner in Marblemount for lunch. Every time we have been here they go beyond most places to make sure we are happy with service and food. Changed leader and he took us on a few roads we don’t normally use and they were also great motorcycle roads. As we got closer to the border we split up int smaller groups as the route home was different for each of us. pictures

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