19-03-10 Pre-ride schedule ride to UBC- Spanish Banks, Port Moody- Maple Ridge- Agassiz-Chilliwack -Home 260 km

It was minus 2.4 when I left the house to meet five others for breakfast at Brogans Diner before going for a ride today. By the time we finished breakfast it had warmed to minus 1 and that was good enough for us to start the ride. We rode Hwy 10 to past Cloverdale and made a few turns before getting back onto 10. Hwy 91, River Road and over the knight st. bridge, stopped for a photo opp at a view point over looking the Fraser river, then UBC ride through Vancouver, Port Moody, stop for coffee, Maple Ridge, Mission, Agassiz, Chilliwack and home. temperature reach 12 degrees. I think everyone enjoyed the ride and being able to get out and ride in the sun. Pictures

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