Scott Organized a bowling event for members and partners at SUNCASTLE BOWL-BAR-GRILL in south Surrey for an evening of fun off motorcycles. The evening started a 6 pm as all arrived for dinner and then five pin bowling. Some of us have not bowled for many years, so you could hear the unused muscles stretching. I don;t think any of us shattered any high point records for the building,but Lorraine Mckee was top points for the Langley RoadRiders group. I myself would have come close to the low score prize if we had one. It was a good fun event and thanks to Scott Maynard for arranging it. Pictures

As a follow up to George’s summary of our bowling evening, I wanted to congratulate all of the participants for enduring some embarrassing moments on the lanes.  For myself, I was unfortunate enough to jump my turn and threw a strike on behalf of Pam who returned the favor by throwing three gutter balls on my behalf.  Way to go Pam!  Lorraine proved to be too good a bowler for everyone having earned the highest score.  Unfortunately for Rick, he must of had to eat crow on the way back home with Lorraine.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and enjoyed themselves.






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