18-10-14 Inch and Weaver Creek spawning Channels 286 km

This Sunday morning the sun is out,but temperature is about 4 Celsius as we meet at McDonald’s for this ride to Inch Creek to see the two seven ft. sturgeon  and then on to Weaver Creek Salmon spawning channels. But first we ride to Brogans Diner for breakfast. I guess lots on members were in the mood for a ride today, because fifteen people were at breakfast. As usual we don’t just ride the shortest route to where ever we go. Over the Golden Ears bridge and over the Stave Falls Dam and a lot of other very twisty roads on our way. The fall colours were in full force, making the scenery very beautiful. At Weaver creek there were maybe four times the tourists there, than there was spawning salmon. The ride in there is worth the ride. The plan was to have lunch at the The Old Settlers pub in Harrison, but with the crowds at the spawning channel and other restaurants we decided to stop at A&W in Agassiz for a quick lunch which would allow for more riding and less traffic. After lunch the roads took us over to Majuba hill road and home. This was possibly the the best October 14th ride we have ever done.  Pictures

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