18-06-17 (Fathers Day) Othello Tunnels

Seven of us started from McDonald’s and from there headed to White Spot in Walnut Grove for breakfast where one more joined us. We hardly ever ride straight to the planned destination and like to stay off the freeways and other heavy traffic roads. This ride was no different it that Manner, but out leader for this ride was Grant and he found a lot of amazing roads to travel on our way to Hope. Once we arrived at the Othello Tunnels in Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park – BC Parks parking lot we w.ere lucky to find a parking spot because of all the people there taking advantage of the good weather to walk the 3.5 km round trip to see the five tunnels. When we all gathered back at the bikes we headed into Hope to the Blue Moose for lunch.  Home on the Freeway for most of us after lunch.  Thanks Grant for a great ride  Pictures

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