18-06-10 Ride to Boeing Assembly Plant

Seven bikes and eight riders met at Big Als on the other side of the border. Two cars accompanied us along the route and after a short break near Conway we decided to cut short the route and head to I5 to Everett. We arrived an hour early but took in the tour of the flight centre and static displays.

All met at the Diamond Head Pub in Everett but with one minor it tow, we split up the group between the pub and the restaurant. Leaving at 12:30 we arrived in time to start the tour. Following a video, the group boarded buses to visit the assembly plan where we saw various stages of assembly of the 737, 747, 777 and the 787. Again rejoining the buses we passed by three large buildings for painting the finished products.

Everett boasts that they can eventually build 52 B737-800 series per month, including 14 787s.

They employ approximately 150,000 personnel worldwide.

At the completion of our tour, the bikers encountered some rain, some of us split up into two groups, the majority following route 9 north with three riders dealing with I5 traffic and the weather.

A great ride to celebrate aviation science, engineering and technology.

Thanks Scott for organizing this ride     Pictures

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