18-05-27 Boston Bar& Hell’s Gate

Seven bikes showed up at McDonald’s this morning for the ride to Hell’s Gate and Boston Bar. Today is customer appreciation day so the fee to ride the Air-tram is by donation. We met up with one more in Hope. Good to see a couple people we don’t see that often on our rides. Hwy 1 to Hope and to Hell’s Gate.  We all took a ride on the Air-tram to the other side of Fraser river., looked through the museums and other stuff there. The river was the highest I have ever seen it when visiting there. Ride the Air-tram back and continue on to Boston Bar and the Spences Bridge where we had lunch in a little cafe hidden near where the west end of where tho old bridge used to be. After lunch we returned on the same road to Hope where we traveled on Hwy 7 to Mission and crossing the river on the Mission Bridge.  Pictures

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