18-05-19,20,21 three day ride Sorrento,100 Mile House, home

Left McDonald’s with four bikes and five people t to ride to  meet up with three more bikes in Chilliwack and visit  visit the Dreamcycles Motorcycle Museum in Sorrento BC. We ride the Coquahalla to Merritt , then 5A to Kamloops. here we stopped for lunch at Cora   certainly a different type of place for lunch that I am use to. But the lunch was very good.  We carried on finding some new roads with a lot of good views and farm land, We arrived in Sorrento early enough to visit the museum before it closed which was good because I thought it would have been closed before we got there. We checked into the Sorrento Motel which was adequate but not many frills. We ate dinner in the attached pub. Red Rock Grill. food was OK but    service was not. Next day on to 100 Mile House, but getting there we encountered a fairly heavy but short rain burst. Checked into the Super 8 Motel for the night, Not many places open to eat within walking distance on a Sunday. We found this little place  a very short walk from the motel that said Thai food, so we stuck our head in to have a look. the place was small but looked OK. The waiter/Owner was great and made suggestions to us which helped us decide on ordering.  the name of the place is Sunyam Thai Restaurant The food was excellent and some of us thought it was the best Thai food they had ever had. Monday was an easy days ride home, and the anticipated heavy traffic never really materialized . photos

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