Motorcycle Club Langley British Columbia

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About Our Club

Thank you for visiting the Langley RoadRiders website. With over 50 members, the Langley RoadRiders Motorcycle Club welcomes you to join one of BC’s longest actively engaged motorcycle clubs!

Benefits of Joining

Having a good ride is just part of the fun. Whether it’s a get-together breakfast before we blast off, or mid-day lunch break on a hot sunny day., nothing could be better than sitting down with fellow riders, sharing a few laughs, exchanging ride stories and making new and lasting friends.

Your membership in Langley RoadRiders is filled with a ton of fun activities! Most importantly, its made up of frequent, well-organized and safety conscious road trips.

Club President

Rest assured joining RoadRiders, which is led by experienced experienced club members who has received advance advanced rider training.  At RoadRiders, we put safety first, always.

Motorcycle Trip In nature

Steps to Become a Member

Step 1. Read the Constitution and Bylaws

Step 2.  Fill Out and Sign the Liability and Waiver Forms

Step 3.  Fill Out and Sign the Membership Forms

Step 4.  Send The Completed Documents and Fees by Email to

Contact Us:

Our Schedule

Whether you’re an aspiring motorcycle enthusiast or a hardy road warrior, Langley RoadRiders many events and trips are just a click away.

Explore new and exciting destinations organized by our club members. Day trips and even long weekend trips form the core of the club activities.


Still Unsure About Joining?

Come to our Meet & Greet

Monthly Meetings

You are welcome to attend our monthly meeting held at Rickys all day Grill 17830 56 Ave, Cloverdale, BC on the 4th Thursday of every month except December at at 7:00pm. Some members arrive at 6:00pm to have dinner before the meeting.

Ride Schedule

Anyone is welcome to join our rides on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm or Sunday mornings at 8:00am. Meetup location for rides is the Langley MacDonald’s; just remember to arrive 15 minutes before the ride departure.

George Cawdry,
LRRMC President

  • Monthly Meetings

4th Thursday of every month, except  December
Rickys All Day Grill 17830 56 Ave, Cloverdale, Surrey,BC

  • Meetup Location For Rides

McDonald’s, 19780 Fraser Hwy, Langley

  • Club Riding Days

Tuesday  ->  7:00pm
Sunday -> 8:00am

  • Meetup Location

McDonalds, 19780 Fraser Hwy, Langley




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