Langley Roadridrers Leader Guide
P.O. Box 61544 R.P.O. Brookswood, Langley BC V3A 8C8

  1. Be prepared with a route plan (Avoid urban areas for large groups)
  2. Introduce self as the ride leader
  3. Collect all riders for rider meeting. Describe route if possible with rest stops and fuel stops and meal stops if known ask if tanks are full and how far they can go before fueling
  4. Have any new non-members participating on ride as rider or passenger sign liability waiver form and sign it as A witness it.
  5. If possible have large groups split into groups of five or six with a leader that has the route
  6. Suggest a place on route where the group can reunite If the group gets separated (i.e. gas stop or lunch stop or a land mark)
  7. Introduce drag bike person
  8. Explain ride rules
  9. Try and have a bike with CB on lead bike or at second bike and drag bike
  10. Ride leader has to maintain speed limits (if bike behind you is far behind slow down)
  11. Regroup after stops so all can ride together (especially after coffee on Tuesday evening for home ride)
  12. When approaching an intersection controlled by traffic lights try to anticipate if the light may be going to change to red, if it has been green for a long time, maybe slow down so some don’t get left behind the red light and a few get through it.
  13. If you know you will be turning up ahead get into the left or right lane soon enough for others behind to be able to get intothat lane safely.
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