Langley RoadRiders Ride GuidelinesImage

  1. You must sign a liability waiver form and have it witnessed by a member.

  2. You are responsible for your own safety, Follow all rules        and laws of the road.

  3. If the person in front of you is riding too fast, you don't need to keep up, they will slow down when they see no one is behind them.

  4. Ride at a safe distance behind the rider in front of you, but not an unreasonable long distance behind. This causes the group to be spread out too far.

  5. Riding in a staggered formation is the accepted practice.

  6. In slow moving traffic, ride in staggard postion, reasonably close together, (i.e. in city traffic) so the group can stay together.

  7. At stop signs and red lights, stop and put at least one foot on the ground. (do not run stop signs and red lights)

  8. When we start out, take notice of who is infront of you, stay in this position for the whole ride. If you are uncomforable in this position, let others know you are changing your position.

  9. When entering a curve, proceed in single file through the curve and increase the space between you and the bike infront of you

  10. When changing lane position, signal with a hand or foot, but not the turn signal, this confuses some people, they may think you are changing lanes or turning.

  11. Stay within the bounds of your skill level and comfort zone.

  12. If a bike pulls onto the shoulder, don't follow him. The tail end bike will stop and help.

  13. Please let the ride leader or the tail gunner know if you will leave the ride early. If you decide to leave during the ride, pull over where safe and wave the group by and comunicate with the tail gunner you are leaving.

  14. If you lose the person behind you and the group ahead turns, pull over in a safe and visible place.  proceed when the person or group catches up. You won't get lost! if the group turns, someone will be waiting for you

  15. Follow the bike infront,  ONLY when safe to do so. i.e. passing, traffic controls and merging

  16. Have a Great ride--

    Revied  August 22, 2013