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April 22, 2018  Explore Washington 300km

I think fourteen bikes with fifteen people gathered at McDonald's today to do this ride in the sunshine. This is the biggest turnout for us this season for a Sunday ride. Because they all looked pretty hungry Our leader got us moving on time, heading for Rusty Wagon Restaurant in Lynden. And a good choice it was because they had very good bacon. When we reached the restaurant there were four more hungry RoadRiders there as well. Our leader decided that the group should be in two groups to make it easier to not loose anyone or cause problems in traffic. The day started out a little cool and cloudy, but as predicted the sun soon came out making this a very desirable day for riding the remarkable roads in Northern Washington.  We traveled almost back to Canada on South Pass road before turning south to Maple Falls. Over to Mosquito Lake road coming out at Acme. Riding further south almost to Big Lake before turning to head up to Burlington to feed the once again hungry Roadriders  at Mi Mexico Restaurant. At this time timea couple lift to get home while the rest carried on with the planned route up the Chuckanut and follow the coast line to Blaine and home.  Thanks for a good ride to our leader Cliff Hayes.   Pictures

April 15, 2018 Shady Grove in  Abbotsford  Antiques and Collectible cars  and then to Boston Bar 530km

The weather looked as though it was going to rain but still three bikes and one car met at McDonalds for this event and ride. This ride we said cars were welcome because we had to book time for Shady Grove and wanted enough people to make it worth while for the owner to open the buildings for us. We had seven people. Abe and Elaine have three buildings full of cars of which most have been fully restored as well as lots of other antiques. Breakfast at Kalma and then rode to Shady Grove. After the tour some went home, some rode to Bridal Falls and home via Mission. Two of us rode to Boston Bar to have lunch at The Ole Town Restaurant. Thee weather cleared up and it was a great  sunny day for a ride.    Pictures  Video

April 8 LaConner Lunch and Tulips 273 km

This morning it was raining lightly and still two bikes were at McDonalds ready to ride to La Conner and it wasn't so we could see the tulips, it was because we like to ride and rain won't stop us. We crossed the border at Abbotsford/Lynden crossing with only a couple of cars in the lineup. First things first so we headed to The Rusty Wagon for breakfast as planned. Once finished breakfast the showers had slowed a bit so off we went. Working our way on side roads to Whatcom Lake and then head south on Old Hwy 99 to Hwy 20. Turned onto Reservation road and came into La Conner from the south side. We chose the La Conner Brewing pub for lunch. Lunch done we headed out to see if there were any fields of tulips, not that we wanted to see tulips but this was the Tulip Run this club has done for as long as I can remember. Not many fields of tulips visble from the road, they now want to charge for access to see the flowers. Didn't want to see them anyway. Fields of daffidils were just about finished and looking shabby. Start our way home heading to Chuckanut drive. Once we got to Bellis Fair area one rider headed home on the I-5 the other continued the planned route home the long way.  Rain stopped about 2:00pm  Neither of us got wet and it wasn't to cold. Found a couple of wet slippery tar snakes but nothing serious. Pictures

April 1, 2018 Cascade Falls 200 km

Easter Sunday today and cloudy but still three bikes at McDonalds ready to head to the first stop Ricky's in Walnut Grove for Breakfast. Two more join us foe breakfast, but only four going on the ride.  Looks like it could rain as we get ready to leave, so on with the rainsuits. Over the Golden Ears bridge and  over Syave Falls dam we continued to avoid the main roads and we rode a lot of curvy roads to Cascade Falls. It is a short walk on sometimes steep path with some stairs  as well to the falls. Here there is a suspension bridge, so you can stand on it hand see the falls close up and hear the sounds of the water very well. While walking we could feel that the temperature was a lot cooler up here as it hailed on us. After we all had seen enough water cascading down we headed back to the bikes and warmer air. Over the Mission bridge and on to Chilliwack without the Highway to Have lunch at Jimmy "J"s.  And the final leg was home along Vedder rd to Yarrow and home on Vye  rd  Pictures

March 25, 2018 Ioco, Belcarra Whit Rock  197kmv

Well this morning the temperature was -.3 degrees and I didn't expect anyone would show up for the ride today. But you never know< I have been surprised before When I got to McDonald's there was a bike there I didn't recognize. I walked into the building and there was Terry Fairful a past member who I have not seen for a long time. He is back riding and wants to join the club again. He tok a few years off to play with sports cars. Another guy I don't get to see very often is Derek Butler and he was there also. He lives in Vancouver. He was a little frozen but by the time we had finished breakfast at Kalma Restaurant he was thawed. But I was there and wanted to ride , so I did the ride by myself. It was a good ride and I was warm with the use of heated grips, seat and heated vest.  Stopped in Crescent beach at Hoked on Fish for fish and chips for a late lunch. Was 4 degrees in Port Coquitlam. snow on the lawns near Belcarra but roads were dry.   Pictures

March 18, 2018 Steveston 146 km

This is the first scheduled ride for 2018 and our VP is the leader of this day of light showers, but a little warmer then predicted. Six bikes showed up at McDonalds to take part in this ride with first stop at Kalma Restaurant in Langley. Now we don't just b-line it to Steveston as some might, we take a much more interesting route. Through south Langley. south Surrey, Ladner,  Richmond and then to Iona Beach Regional park where we stopped for a break. Now then on to Steveston for lunch at Buck and Earls Pub and Bar which was a good choice because the food and service was very good. Lunch finished, Glen took the lead to some hidden away roads that only an old timer would know of where we go to see lots on new things. As we got closer to home each of us left the group to head to their home.This was a great ride for the first one of the season. Oh by the way two people on this ride had   new or new to them bikes.  Pictures

March 11,2018 Boston Bar

Scott put the word out that he was going to lead a ride to Boston Bar on this sunnt day expecting two or three people to show up, but a total of eight road under sunny skies to Canyon Alpine Restaurant for lunch. This was the last pre-ride season rides for us because our scheduled rides start next Sunday.    Picture

Febr 4, 2018  Annual Newlands Brunch

We had our annual Brunch at Newlands today and I think it was as good as it has always been in the last few years that we have hosted it. With 49 people, members and past members everyone had a chance to renew friendships and make new ones. This year was our largest turn out,ever. Great time to see,and meet spouses that we normally don't see on rides.Some looking forward to another super riding season, others enjoying telling stories of past rides, some from years ago. Stories and plans for destinations in 2018. Also what about the new 2018 models of many manufacturers.??  Geo. pics    Ken's much better Brunch pic




December 4, 2017 Christmas dinner and gift exchange

This is the second year at Andreas in Langley that is where we had our Christmas party. And like last years turkey dinner it did not disappoint. They plates were big and full. Lots of turkey with potatoes, stuffing, veggies. I did see many left over boxes being taken home. We had a bigger attendance then last year and no one went home hungry. After dinner Bob Baines and Cliff Hayes did a comedy skit for out entertainment. I think Bob was guilty as charged or maybe not as charged, but guilty for sure on many of the charges in their simulated courtroom. After this was the tradition gift exchange. There was lots of laughter as many of the gifts were stolen, and some sad faces as they lost a prized gift they were hoping to keep. It appears that we may have a taste for booze as these gifts were very much sought after. Most of all it was great to see a lot of people we don't see on the rides.  Pictures

October 22, 2017 Chilliwack mountains Ryder Lake   223 km

The ride schedule said ride was weather dependant. When I got up this morning there was no rain and evem though it was still dark I could see some light spots in the sky. So off to McDonalds.  By daylight the sun was shinning so I am going for bacon at Rickys. Still no  one here for the ride.  That is OK I have ridden many miles  by my self. The ride was the one I sent out earlier this week. and it was a good ride with lots of curvy roads from start to finish. No Rain the whole way and sun 98% of the day,  Home aroud 2 pm.  Never lost anyone on this ride.

October 15, 2017 Othello Tunnels (the 1/2 day route to Hope) 300km

The sun was shining this morning but not much heat with it early in the morning  as seven bikes gathered for this ride. First stop was Ricky's for breakfast and a chance it would warm up by the time we would leave. At Ricky's there were three more  members to join us. We rode to Hope without the freeway and on many very nice curvy roads all the way to Agassiz and then Hwy 7 to Hope. By this time it was lunch time so we went to Rolleys Restaurant in Hope. The food was good, the service even better. Now fuel up and head for the Othello tunnels. Some of us walked for 1.4 km to the end of the foutth tunnel and back, some others headed back home.. Lots of people here today. On the way home we took Hwy 1 where we had no other option and the rest of it on back roads to home.   Pictures

October 8, 2017 Inch Creek and Weaver Creek Spawning Channels 272 km

We started with five bikes leaving McDonald's and heading to Ricky's for breakfast where we met up with five more people. Left Rickys with ten bikes and rode to Inch Creek to see the two large Sturgeon in the lagoon there. While we were here two more roadriders joined us for a total of twelve bikes. THthe weather was cool before breakfast but soon warmed up to make the day a warm sunny ride. next the ride went to Weaver creek for a ride on nery nice roads where the fall colours were starting to show on the trees along side the road. this is where i had to leave to get home for Thanksgiving dinner, bt the rest carried on after a tour of the spawning channels at Weaver creek. Lunch stop in Harrison at The Old Settlers Pub. Cultus Lake after lunch and home by way of Majuba hill road. This ride had at least three different leaders as the route carried on and members had to leave for family get togethers. Thanks to Wayne Shaak, Pat Maclou and who ever led the last leg of the ride home. Pat's pictures  more Pictures

October 1, 2017 Vancouver Toy Run and ride to Squamish for lunch

Only four bikes met at McDonalds to take part in the 39th Annual Vancouver Toy Run. Last year we had five bikes, seams like peple are not interested in doing this ride. The Toy Run Coquitlam Center at 9:30 so we had some time to walk around and see other bikes and people. This is the first year that I only new one person other then our group. After doing the ride to the P.N.E to donate a toy or cash we rode to Squamish for lunch at Shady Tree Pub. The traffic was very lite and most drivers followed the rules of the road on Hwy 99. As we headed east on Hwy 1 each bike left the group as they needed to for their way Home. Myself, I took the long way home . It was via Mission.    Pictures

September 24, 2017 Oyster Run 304 km

Four bike started from McDonald's heading to cross the border at Lynden to get to the first stop at Rusty Wagon for breakfast. then we rode past Whatom Lake to Hwy old 99 to Hwy 20 to Anacortes  where the Oyster run was. After spendng about an hour  here looking at all the old bikers and new bikes we went to Concrete foe lunch at Cascade burgers. The reviews I had read about this place as an excellent burger place didn't reflect what I experienced here.  didn't think it was good enough to make a special effort to ride here for lunch.


September 17, 2017 Oar Bay Wa 317 km

Three bikes chose to ride this route with clouds in the sky and threats of rain, Thanks to Bob Vaughan for leeading this ride. Breakfast first at Big Als the ride down along the water then over to Anacortes. Lunch was at The farm to Market Restaurant, After lunch the rain started so cut the ride short and head home on I-5.

August 31 to September 3  four day ride to the Kootenays

Seven bikes started the ride from Rickys in Chilliwack. twelve km east of Spense Bridge one bike hit a rock on the road and got towed home, Now there are six.  waiting for the rest of the story.

September 3, 2017 ride was to Miricle Valley

Started from McDonald's and headed  for breakfast. Seven bikes left Rickys after breakfast  

August  27, 2017 In Your Back Yard  400 km

Eight bikes started this ride which covers just about all of the area from Mt Seymur to Chilliwack. Breakfast at Kalma Restaurant in Langley, I have been having trouble with my GPS lately so Bob agreed to lead this ride, Thanks Bob. Trough Cloverdale, Surrey, Delta Richmod and other places on the way to UBC, Spanish Banks. Lunch in Port Moody at Rocky Point Tap House. Through Ioco. Coquitlam and on to Pitt Lake. By this time it was getting onto 3:0pm so a ride home was good to be home for supper. The sun was out all day and while most of the day was a good temprture for riding, It was getting pretty warm in the afternoon at about 32 degrees.   Vicki's Pictures

August 20, 2017  Canyon, Cache Crk. Savana, Logan Lake, Home 615 km

Six bikes started from McDonald's this morning with cool temperture and clear skies Headed to Chilliwack for a coffee stop. Here another bike joined us as we headed to the north side of the river crossing on the Agassiz bridge. Traffic was light on Hwy 7 and 1 through the Fraser Canyon. Cache Creek Savana, Tunkwa Lake and Logan Lake for lunch at the Village Restaurant. Onward to Merritt on Hwy 97C. Home on Hwy 5 to Hope then Hwy1 to home. A mechanical problem on one of the bikes east of Bridal falls slowed us down for a while, but got it repaired and on our way.  Vicki's pictures

August 13, 2017  Mt Baker and  BBQ

To days ride was to Mt Baker and then a BBQ at George and Mary Ann's place. It wa raining this morning so there was no one at the start point, but two riders did do the ride although they  never met up with each other  both ran into rain on their  ride. But at the BBQ the sun was shinning all day long.  33 people attended the BBQ in the shade of the the trees at George and Mary Ann's Place in Brookswood. With two barbecues on high it did not take long to cook the beef, chicken, Vegan burgers and hot dogs for all who attended, Mary Ann organized this event and made sure there was lots of salads and othe things to complement the burgers. For dessert was a cake labeled LRR BBQ 2017 . Water melon as well as Gluten free Bannana bread, and ice cream. There was also the wonderful opportunity to chat, tell jokes, and just get to know each other.

August 5, 2017 Diablo Dam  406 km

This was one of the few rides that El Presidente El Perfecto did not lead as he was on the 3 day ride around Mount St. Helens.  

 Taking over for George was easy peasy until my GPS wanted to take me bush waking across the hinterlands.  Glen then kindly took over and led the group.

Three riders rallied at McDonalds with two additional riders meeting at Big Als.  Lucky for everyone had their Nexus card as the wait for the rest of the public was at least 1 ½ hours.

After breakfast we met up with two more members near Denman for a total of seven

The ride up to Diablo Dam could have been better without the haze from the fires, as this obscured a lot of great photo opportunities.  We lost one rider on the return trip to Marblemount and Mondo’s Restaurant.  After lunch, we traveled west and as I crossed I5, I left the group as they proceeded to complete the ride through Chuckanut Dr.

Scott Maynard            pictures


August 5-6-7 2017 Ride to Mt. St. Helens  1500 km

On the August long weekend 8 members on 7 bikes rode the Mt. St. Helens ride. After meeting at Mo & Jo’s Restaurant and for the first time we had to delay our departure due to 3 people having extended wait times at the border.

After getting under way we rode south to Everett then on some new roads to Issaquah. This was done so as to avoid the anticipated Seattle traffic. Lunch was a big hit at the Warthog BBQ Pit in Fife, WA.

We were able to get to the Spirit Lake Hwy and ride up to the top of Mt. St. Helens late afternoon and then check-in to our rooms in Kelso, WA by 6:30pm.

Day 2 was a tour of the Oregon Peninsula, visiting Veronia, St. Helens, Mist, Clatskanie where we stopped at a Pizza joint in Clatskanie called Fultano’s then for the first time we took the ferry across the Columbia River from Westport to Cathlament. We rode the Astoria – Megler Bridge into Astoria and stopped for ice Cream, not so much because it was hot but it had been a long day. To get back to Kelso we rode US 30 back east.

Day 3 was presented with 2 options, one was to ride south to Troutdale, OR then ride the superior Historic Columbia River Hwy east then take the Bridge of the Gods across the Columbia River and ride north to Randle, WA. West to Morton etc. or skip the Historic Columbia River Hwy and ride up the “back side” east side of Mt. St. Helens. Because there were a few riders that had not been in the area before the group chose to ride up the east side of the mountain. However the road was closed only 4 miles up. The closure was not posted for us to see, so it was a surprise for us all. So we continued up to Randle. A WORD OF CAUTION HERE, THIS ROAD IS ONLY FIT FOR DUAL SPORT AND OFF ROAD VEHICLES. IT IS ROUGH!

From Randle we rode west to Morton, then north to Auburn, Carnation to Monroe. Approaching Monroe I could see on the GPS some heavy traffic ahead on Hwy 2, so we diverted on the south side of Hwy 2 then rode North on Hwy 9 to avoid I5 backups that were also visible on my GPS till we got north of Marysville before we could get back onto I5 and make some time. Because of more traffic south of Bellingham I took the Chuckanut Drive.

Although no one said anything to me about the length of the days, I know they were long, perhaps too long with this many riders. When are motorcyclists like cats? When you are trying to herd them!

At the end of the day I hope it was an enjoyable ride for us all.

Richard Briand                     Pictures

July 30, 2017 Hope Merritt Logan Lake Savona Cache Creek Home on Hwy 1 670km

We started with five bikes from McDonalds, one brand new one and headed for Hwy 1 to Bridal Falls and the over to Hwy 7. Stop in Hope for gas and join two more. Now seven bikes we headed uop Hwy 5 to Merritt,and  Logan Lake for lunch where we  By this time two bikes had to turn around to partake in other events. The plan was to ride to Ashcroft, but the whole group agreed that riding to Savona was a good idea. From Savona we traveleled to Cache Creek where we stopped at A&W to exchange Richard's coupons for Root Beer. Now we are really full and no sense in stopping in Boston Bar for Ice cream. The root beer did taste good and was cold on a hot day.  Pictures

July 23, 2017 Mt. Erie 270km

To start the ride today only three bikes showed up at McDonald's for this ride while the sun was shining in Langley. By the time we were about to leave the light clouds had moved in, but did not look threatening. We rode to Big Als for breakfast and here we met up with seven more bikes. We rode mostley on non-highway roads to Hwy 20 and an over to Fidalo Island to Mt. Erie. I was told there was a lookout here that overlooks the land and water below, but we never found it.Then we rode Highwat 20 towards  Anacortes to see the Scuttled ship remains but were disappointed that the road leading to it was gravel and not suited to large motorcycles.Now it being lunch time we headed to Rock Fish Grill and were not disapointed with the lunch there.Finding some new to us roads meandering our way back to Hwy 9 to Mosquito Lake Rd to Hwy 542 and home. The sun did come out after lunch as we traveled homeward.Pictures

July 16, 2017 Duffy Lake loop counter clockwise 575 km

Eleven bikes and riders assembled at McDonalds hoping the rain from the clouds above does not happen. Members from Vancouver to Chilliwack were here today. We left McDonalds at 8 am as usual and headed for Hwy 1 and the first stop in Squamish for coffee. To our surprize Tim Hortons and Wendys had line ups out the door, so we carried on to Pemberton before we had coffee and because it being a long ride, no breakfast stop. Traffic was busy but not crazy. We stopped at the Hasting st. off ramp to put on raingear because of light showers, but dark skies. That rain gear really works because I think there was no more showers after we got it on. Pemberton was the first gas stop for most of us. Now sun shinning we carried on to Lilooet where we stopped for lunch at the hotel.The road from Lilooet to Lytton was washboard like with some larger frost heaves. (you may not know what a wash board is if you are under sixty) a stop in Boston Bar for gas and Ice cream at the drive in restaurant. Very good ice cream and milk shakes.From there home via hwy 7 and then over Agassiz bridge to Hwy 1. Hwy 1 became very slow as we approached Chilliwack so we took the southern route. Pictures

July 11-12-13, 2017 Sunshine coast and Vancouver Island

This was a very well organized ride for thee days in excellent weather. Eight bikes with nine people met at the Horse Shoe Bay Ferry terminal for the first ferry ride of the trip to Langdale. We rode on many side roads to Egmont for lunch at thee Backeddy Pub. Now onward to Earls Bay to get the ferry Saltry Bay.Next stop Powel River to check into our Motel and the a side trip to Lund and back intime for dinner at Granada Restaurant.223 km. Day 2, Of course we left from Powel River by ferry to Comox. Traveled mostly onHwy 19A to Qualicum Beach, thr Hwy 4 to Port Alberni where we stayed the 2nd night.409km.  Day 3 we left Port Alberni rode to Combs (where thr Goats are on the roof and had breakfast here. Very unusual place with hundreds of sculptures made of wood and cement for sale, they were very well done, some very large and some small. The breakfast was also not the usual but very good. I think we all had the special Bacon eggs, toast and coffee $7.50 each. The lady from the shop next door came and cooked it for us and then ran back to her shop. This is a must see destination if ever you are near Combs.Rode Hwy 1 to Hwy 18 past Honey Moon Bay to Port Renfrew where we had lunch at Port Renfrew pub, this is another great spot.Port Renfrew to Langford then Hwy 17A to the ferry at Swartz Bay to Tswaassen where we all seperaed to  get home. This ride Geof, Pat and Scott  M did an excellent job of eack leading one day of the ride. They all made sure we maintained a good pace as managed find al the interesting places to see and great  places to eat.For me and I think for all who did this ride, would vote this the best three day ride of the year. That road from  Hwy 1 Through Port Renfrew and to Sooke is a road all Motorcyclists should ride at least once. Picture  Scott's Video

July 9,2017 Bowen Island 170 km return home

This being a very short ride for Langley Roadriders I thought we would of had more riders. It being a short millage route and a destination as well. Six bikes and seven people showed up at McDonalds for this ride and the start to the day was sunny and not to hot. No breakfast stop and straight to the Horseshoe bay ferry terminal to catch the 10:05 ferry to Bowen Island. We used an experience card to pay for all the fares on this trip and save about $11.00 for each person and bike. On Bowen Island is not many roads that actually go anywhere other then a U-turn. We did manage to find a few twisty roads, but the speed limits are very low, most likely because of deer and lots of people either walking or riding bicycles.Both Bob and Glenn were very helpful helping find roads that were suitable for motorcycles as they have been there before. It was a good peaceful ride with lots of time for chatting while waiting for or riding on the ferry. Lunch was at the Bowen Island Pub which was ok but not cheap.The temperature warmed up but not too uncomfortable. I hope everyone enjoyed the ride.  Pictures Vicki


July 2,2017 Ride for Cherries Keremeos 660 km

Its a sunny day and we are going to ride to Keremeos for cherries and lunch. Three bikes start from McDonalds and leave to travel Hwy 1 to Chilliwack to join three more bikes for this ride. Stop at Manning Park and then ride the narrow, twisty and steep road to Cascade lookout. Back to Hwy 3 and onward to Princeton. Taking the Old Hedley road we continued to Keremeos for lunch at K Mountain Diner. Onvce finished lunch pick up cherries and head back home. but not before stopping at Dairy Queen for ice cream. The weather was warm to hot in Keremoes to Princeton.  Pictures


June 25 to 29 Road to the Sun  (Dan's Ride)  2600 km

This ride started from Murrayville because planned member only rides may start from a convient place. Ten bikes gathered at the A&W to start this great Ride with sunny skies and promises from the weather person that it would be sunny for the whole trip  Hwy 1 to hope then Hwy 3 all the way to Creston for the first night. 700km .2nd day we rode into Montana and were planning on riding the Road to the Sun but it was still closed so we did a detour around and stopped in Cardston for the night, Day 3 Cardston Aberta  to Nelson BC. Day 4 Nelson to Kamloops to Nelson BC. and Day 5 Kamloops to home. .Da4 we had a light rain most of the day but it was not a problem and was a relief from the heat.

Bob's  Pictures  Scott Maynard's Video

June 18,2017 Explore Anmore,Belcarra, Ioco,Ladner  390km

This morning lite rain is falling and the forecast is for the same all day. So I was extremely surprized to see six bikes appear at the parking lot of McDonals this father's day morning. 8 am sharp we headed for Ricky's for breakfast and suprizingly another bike is there. One rider was here only for breakfast which is a good thing. Over the Port Man bridge we went and through  Coquitlam to Anmore, Becarra park picnic area where we stopped to walk down to the pier and watch people catching crabs and little fish. Back on the bikes to Ioco to New Westminster and crossing the river on Patullo bridge onto Hwy 17, along river road working our way to Ladner for lunch at Sharky's grill and pub. I left the ride here to go see my grandson doing a demo the Blacksmith shop in Kilby Historic site. If you like history this would make a good short ride. Have lunch here and visit the place. I got to see my Grandson (George) make a coat hanger  with forge and hammer and he gave it to me and wished me Happy fathers day.  Pictures

June 11,2017 Darrington/Arlington 390 km

This ride is the long way to Darrington, but a lot better then highway riding. Sky was cloudy but non threatening as we met at McDonalds to start this ride.First stop was Big Als Restaurant in Blaine for breakfast. Leaving Big Als with five bikes riding hwy 548 down through Ferndale and making our way to Lake Whatcom to Hwy 9 until we got on t0 south Skajit highway to Darrington for lunch at the Burger Barn. Lunch finished on our way to Arlington when one of the bikes broke down west of Oso. All the group except the broken down bike and one other carried on to finish the ride while the other two waited for the tow truck. For most of the group it was a pretty good ride as the sun shone and the day was warm.  Pictures

June 4,2017 Pender Harbour 360 km

At the ferry landing for Langdale ferry there was 13 bikes in our group waiting for the ferry with mixed cloud and sun and the promise of sunshine.At 9:25 the ferry was on time and were quickly loaded and upstairs for breakfast. Once we got off the ferry we regrouped at a pullout so we could al be together for the ride. First stop was in Gibsons where we were to meet up with a past member and good fried of Langley Roadriders, Cecil Ashley who now lives in Gibsons, It wa great to see him again. After the brief How the hell are you stuff we headed through  the back roads and finally onto Hwy 101. Today a Slingshot joint in on the ride today, this is the first Slingshot we have rode with. We took roads other then the hwy when ever we could as we worked our way north west. We rode a little side trip to Francis Penissula  and back to 101. Onto Garden Bay road to Irvings Landig and to lunch at LaVernes Grill.The food was very good I thought and most people had the fish and chips. By the time we finished lunch there was no more tim to tour because we had to head back to catch thw 3:15 ferry to Horseshoebay and home by 5:00pm. A very good day of riding with good people and mostly good roads9 under sunny skies. Thanks for joining us Cecil was good to see you.  Wayne's Pictures     Pictures

May28, 2017 Hells Gate Air tram and lunch at Fat Jacks 390 km

It appears as summer is here by the beautiful sunny weather this morning, Ten bikes meet at McDonalds for this ride today 1/2 way up the Fraser  Canyon to Hells Gate  for a ride on the Air tram and then lunch at Fat Jacks just north of Boston Bar. Our first stop was at Ricky's in Walnut Grove for breakfast and the two waitress's gave us first class service. Two more joined us at breakfast. Travelled over the Golden Ears bridge to Maple Ridge and on Hwy 7 to Hope where another joined us. I was happy.n to to see that  Scott came as far as he had time for and when  his time was up he turned around for home. The roads were surprisingly light with traffic and  the weather was very warm. After lunch we headed back home on Hwy 1.Pictures

May21,2017 Merritt/Princeton Loop 600km

Wayne led the lucky seven on a great 600 km trip from Chilliwack Ricky's up to Hope, on to Merritt, off the beaten path, from hwy 5 at Kingsvale. 5a to Princeton, a great lunch and conversations. Thanks Robert, Pat, Louis, Richard, Wayne, Roger for making a good day great. Special mention to the deer, bears and Marmot who made guest appearances. Oh yeah, and the jackass drivers on the homeward trip on hwy 1.  Picture

Cliff Hayes

May 14, 2017 Local Lakes 296 km

Cloudy morning as seven bikes assemble at McDonalds for this ride to some of the local Lakes. While having breakfast the eight bike joined the group. The ride took us to many lkes around the area as far north as Alouette lake,  east to Harrison Lake and south s far as Cultas  lake. Lots of good roads and only a small shower in Columbia Valley. Lunch was at Harrison Old Settlers Pub.    Pictures      

May 7, 2017 Squamish   293 km.

The sun was out first thing this morning and I think it put some spring into people, there was 13 bikes with fifteen people starting from McDonalds this morning for our first scheduled ride this season to Squamish. Richard led the ride to Kalma restaurant for breakfast. We split the group into two which makes it easier to keep all together. Both groups had the same route in their GPS units.  Richard planned this route and did a great job of it by instead of just going the traditional route on the Hwy, he put in a couple of off hwy diversions which made the  ride more interesting.  Today was the most beautiful Sunday this year due to the wonderful weather. The roads were excellent and traffic was good. With a stop at Cyprus ski area to admire the snow covered moutains and a chance to walk around a bit. Now on the road again and arriving in Squamish for lunch at Shady Tree pub.  Ready to leave one bike had a dead battery, so we managed to Jumpstart it and on our way we were. On the way back, people left the group one at a time as they turned off the hwy as they got to their exit.  Pictures  Video

April 30, 2017  Explore Washington  341 km

Ten bikes showed for this ride into Washington. This ride was first designed by Richard and has been slightly changed over the years to include different roads. The roads were in very good condition with little gravel or other hazards you might expect in the spring.  First stop was for breakfast at Rusty Wagon in Linden. Leaving here in two groups but travelling the same route  we rode on roads that constantly twisted and curved most all the way to Big Lake where we stopped for lunch at Big Lake Bar and Grill in Mt Vernon. Avoiding the freeway we made our way to Chuckanut Dr. and home via Birchbay.   Pictures

April 23, 2017 Classic & Vintage M/C Swapmeet and Show n Shine and ride after

This morning the weather was wet with light showers as we arrived at McDonalds for this ride. Three only riders showed for this, I think it was only because we are starting with breakfast at Rickys. After brekfast we all agreed we would go to the swapmeet and see how the rain was from there.  We  we were a little early getting there so with that and the rain there were few there. After we were finished inspecting the bikes and finished with the chatting with others there, it appeared that we could pick an area and possibly avoid the rain. We headed towards Whalley area  and over to HWy 99. Rode to Vancouver airport and Iona island. From here we wondered around and towards Ladner. By this time it was lunch time and Bob new of this place named Sharkys seafood Bar and Grille. The food and service was very good. After lunch we made our way back home via Crescent Beach and Whiterock. I just got home and missed a heavy shower. Another good day of  riding.

April 16, 2017 Gramma & Grumpas, lunch at Bridal Falls and home without freeway 158 km

Six bike met at McDonalds and went for breakie at Kalma restaurant in Langley. Fro here we traveled on back roads all the wat to Gammas and Grumpas  antiques in Abbotsford.  Two more members joined us here as we were beginning to tour the  huge selection of antiques on display and some for sale here. One bikre left to ride uo the Fraser Canyon. After the tour through the 3 or 4 barns packed and well displayed items of past decacdes, one bike went home because of an ongoing problem with his bike. Thenow six bikes again rode to Bridal falls for lunch at Ranchers restaurant. Now with full bellys we went to the park to walk the 15 minute walk up the hill to the falls. There was a lot more water coming over the falls this year which really enhanced the view.  On the way home People left the group as they need to get home as we travelled dside roads where we could to get home.   Pictures

April 9, 2017 LaConner Wa 270 km Tulip ride and more

When I left home this morning there was a slight rain falling, but the weather map showed only a very small cloudoverhead. Only two bikes showed at McDonalds for this ride. By the time 8 am came by the drizzle had stopped, so we headed for Big Al's in Blaine for breakfast. When we arrived there were two more Roadriders there. Once we were finished shoving breaky down our throats the sun was shinning. Following the shore of the ocean we rode to Bellingham before getting onto I-5 for a short ride to reach Chuckanut drive. We crossed Hwy 20 on Best rd. and rode by a few fields mostly of daffodils and some fields of almost blooming Tulips. Stopped in LaConner to vist a speciality shop named The wood merchant. They have tons of things very well crafted from different kinds of wood, Items from wood earrings to tables made from exotic wood priced at $6800.00  USD. We walked down the street for lunch I think it was LaConner Brewing Co. Very busy place but the food was good. Back on the bikes we rode the Reservation road to Hwy 20 and then home on the east side of I-5 to Smith rd and worked our way over to I-5 north from Axton road.   Pictures

April 2, 2017 Langley, Abbotsford, South Chilliwack, Harrison for lunch 270 km

Eight bikes met at McDonalds with sunny skies above ready to head to Rickys for breakfast where we were joined by two more. We left Rickys to follow the pre-planned route to South Chilliwack without using the major highways. We experienced Sun with dry roads, cloudly with dry roads, cloudy with wet roads, sunny with rain, cloudy with rain, the usual spring time BC weather. After completing the twisty roads south of Chilliwack we came down the moutains to rain, so we stopped to replan our trip. A few decided to head home, the rest decided to head to Harrison, rain or not for lunch at the Old Settlers Pub. After lunch it appeared t be sunnier on the south side of the river and a couple chose that route home. The remaining, I think five of us rode home on the north side of the river and north of Hwy 7 on Sylvester road to Stave Lake and home on Dewdney Trunk and Golden Ears bridge. Not much rain on this homeward ride and the further west we travelled the sunnier and dryer it was.    Pictures

March 26, 2017 Explore Ioco-Balcara  170 km

Second ride of the season and it is raining again, only today is a bit warmer then last week and three bike started from McDonalds heading for Ricky's for breakfast. Here two more brave souls joined in for the ride. By the time we got to Coquitlam one rider decided to head home. A little later the rest of us decided to do the same. We at least got to have breakfast and a short wet ride. Still am looking for good Sunday weather for a ride.

March 19, 2017  Silver Valley  80 km

This is the first ride of the season and today is cool  only 3 degrees celsius and cloudy as seven bikes arrive at McDonalds for this ride. It has been a wet and snowy   year this year and not much riding. First thing was to ride to Ricky's for breakfast. When we were ready to leave Rickys after having finished breakfast it was lightly raining. But as we crossed the Golden Ears bridge the rain came down heavier, As we went further riders began to turn back and head for home. Just before we got to Maple Ridge there was only Wayne and myself left. At this time the rain had stopped and the sun was shinning. Wayne and I rode to Mission and the Aggaszi in the sun. We stopped at A&W for a coffee hand headed home. Short ride for the first of the season, but looking forward to more longer rides to come.  Picture  


February 5,2017 Brunch at Newlands

This is our second event of the new year and all members and former members were invited to the 7th annual brunch at Newlands Golf and Country Club buffet. Despite the heavy snow fall in the last couple of days as well as today we had a very good turn out. This is an event that gives the opportunity for a lot of old friends to keep in touch and visit.  Many of the people commented on the great venue it is and how nice it is to get together again. Time to retell old stories and new ones.  Pictures  



October 9-2016 Inch and Weaver Creek 250 km

The weather forecast was for sunny periods starting at 8:00 pm and that came to be as we left Mcdonald's to go for breakfast at Kalmar Restaurant. Six Guys had breakfast at a table shared with four members from another club. But they don't ride anymore just have breakfast and go home. One fellow was telling us how his superior HD was sitting at home. That doesn't sound like much fun. Maybe he only takes it out when he goes to Starbucks LOL. After breakfast we headed on back roads to the Mission bridge and on to Inch creek where we paid our annual visit to the two seven foot long Sturgeon in the pool there. Also we allowed the tourists to take pictures with the bikes. Big Richard  lifted a couple of very happy young boys onto his bike so the could have mom take their pictures sitting in the drivers seat. Once the tourists were happy we carried on to Weaver creek spawning channels. There were about ten tourists to every fish in the channel this year, I think it may be a little early. More pictures of the bikes with the tourists. Who knows Maybe Richard will be of the front page of some oriental newspaper. After leaving the spawning channels we found some interesting roads and worked our way to Harrison Hot Springs where we were going to have lunch at the Old Settlers Pub. When we got there the parking lot was full of Hot roads and classic cars, whose owners were in having a meal. The line up was way too long so we went to Agassiz for lunch at A&W. The across the Agassiz bridge through Bridal Falls, then south away from the freeway working our way to Vye rd. and home. The weather had improved all day and was actually warm for this time of the year. I think everyone was happy that they chose to take a chance on the weather and do this ride.   Pictures

October 2, 2016   38th Vancouver Toy Run  plus a ride after  as well

Started at McDonalds with cloudy skies and promises from the weather person that it won't rain and headed to Ricky's for breakfast. They were very fast serving us and getting us on our way because they knew we were going to the toy run. The toy run group is getting smaller as the yeas roll by, we only had five bikes and now the sun is out. I can remember when we had close to twenty bikes for this run and one year a police escort al the wat to the Freewy. We made our way via Hwy 1 to Coquitlam Center where the toy run actually starts. We were there early enough to walk around and look at a lot of the bikes. Also say hello to some people we have not seen for a while. Soon we were all funneling into rows of bikes and heading onto the road towards the PNE fair grounds. I think there were less bikes this year then last, bu we still had many volunteers and police to control traffic and block intersections so the bikes can keep moving. After arriving at the PNE we parked and walked in to donate either a toy or cash  to the Christmas bureau. Now we are four bikes and going too ride through Vancouver Chins town, Spanish Banks, UBC  along Marine Drive where we stopped for lunch at Whitespot. Then over the Queensbougho bridge to Ladner and wandering around until we went in different direction to get home.   Pictures

On my way to McDonald's our starting point there was a slight shower and I am thinking no one will be coming on this ride today. But once again i was wrong because as I was turning into the driveway another bike was  following me in. Three of us headed for Big Als Diner in Blaine for breakfast. When we got there, three more members were already there as well as two others that were planning on riding with us to Anacortes. Not much fun to just head on down the freeway so we took the route along the coast to Bellingham, then on the Chuckanut. an there were cops every where this year handing out tickets. Thee were cops on motorcycles, SUV's ghost cars (bet you haven't heard that term for a long while) Marked cars and they were doing a brisk business. We tried to stay off the main road in Anacortes to avoid the congestion. Finally we found some parking at the far end of town and only a short walk to all the bikes. Looked very much like any other year we have been there. We watched the Cossacks do there stunt riding and they were just as entertaining as always.By this time four people had left the group to do their own things. We rode over on Hwy  20 towards the Anacortes ferry, over to Marine drive to Deception Pass, the home ward on Hwy 20 to the LaConner Whitney road for Gas and lunch and then on I-% home. The sun came out before we got to Anacortes and we had to remove the liners in our jackets   Pictures

September 18, 2016 Duffy Lake loop clockwise  600 km

This morning when I got up I was surprised to see sunshine because the forecast was for rain today. I headed down to McDonalds expecting yo see no one there for this ride. However I was once again surprised to first see Wayne drive in just ahead of me. As we drank our seniors coffee five more bikes appeared and eager to go on this ride. No breakfast stop today because the ride is a long one. So on Fraser Hwy to Hwy 15 and the Hwy 1 to Squamish with the first stop at Tim Hortons in Squamish for coffee. The sun was out and it was pretty warm for this time of the year and it was dry. There was a few lightly foggy spots and not much traffic. Next stop is Pemberton for gas, a littler cooler but still great riding weather. The roads were wet in some places, but generally they were in good condition. After Pemberton  the ride to Lillooet was great. Lunch at Lillooets Cookhouse was very good and the waitress managed the large crowd  very well giving everyone good service. Home was via Lytton, the Fraser Canyon and the last leg was on Hwy1. Anyone who stayed in bed thinking it would be a wet ride, missed a good day of riding.  Pictures

Septemeber 11, 2016 Diablo Dam 420 km

This morning it was cloudy as the three bikes met at McDonaldds for this ride to Diablo Dam. The clouds soon began to  disapate as we started out on our way to the Peace Arch border crossing and over to the Rusty Wagon for breakfast. It appears that there was a lot of hungry Roadriders because there were another four or five  already there  chowing down on their bacon and eggs. Breakfast finished we worked our way over to Hwy 9 to get to Hwy 20 heading east. You may well know we don't often ride in a straight line very long. This ride was no exception as we took many alternate roads to get to our destination. We rode some very interesting and made for motorcycle roads. We eventually reached the Diablo Dam and had a walk around. By this time we were thinking it must be time for lunch, so off to Marblemount to Mandos Restaurant. They serve American and Koren food. The food and service was very good. Fuel up and of course we had to take the long way home by using back roads until after Chuckant Drive. The weather, roads and traffic was excellent for this ride. Pictures


September 3-4-5, 2016 three day ride to Yakima-Kettle Falls  1500 plus km

The Labour Day 2016 3-day ride was recently completed.  Five bikes and six riders started out from Blaine under cloudy skies but warm temperatures. The route was primarily southbound on secondary highways east of I5 until lunch was taken in Enumclaw.  We carried on southbound until we hit Hwy 706 eastbound heading for Rainier Park.  At the park entrance we learned it was $20 per bike to enter but we also learned from the park attendant there was an alternate route to our destination, Yakima, only a short distance away.  Returning a few miles down the road we turned on to NF52, a slightly bumpy but paved and scenic road that took us to Packwood.  There we joined up with Hwy 12 which took us to our destination and saved the group $100.  There was only about 1/2 hour of heavy rain that we had to suit up for during the ride and by the time we got to Yakima, the weather was very nice.  The second day to Kettle Falls through the centre of Washington State was beautiful and warm.  The newly paved Hwy 821 north out of Yakima should be on everyone’s list.  Lunch was taken in Inchelium, a First Nations town on the Columbia River.  Although it was Sunday, the one eating establishment in town, a pub, was open.  Although short on decor, it was clean, the food was very good and excellent value for the money.  The group then split with two bikes off in another direction for an extended trip.  The remaining three made it to Kettle Falls in the mid-afternoon.  Places to eat in Kettle Falls are limited but a more than acceptable meal was found at T.J’s Tavern, more like a family restaurant, on the main drag.  The final day started with blue skies but cold enough to pull out the heavy gloves and heated vests.  The route travelled westbound through the Colville National Forest, a very nice road and ride, with very little, if any, traffic.  The weather had warmed by the time we got to Oroville, crossing into Canada at Nighthawk for a change.  The clouds and a light sprinkle of rain returned through Manning Park, and the traffic volumes were significant on the run into Vancouver.

Geof   Pictures

August 28, 2016 Oak Harbor for lunch  310km

Two bike only met at McDonalds for this brand new ride to Oak Harbor on Widbey Island on a cloudy morning. Breakfast at Big Als Diner in Blaine was the first stop and while we were just starting our coffee and waiting for our bacon and eggs (of course) another member showed up and then an other one just as we were finishing licking our lips from the bacon. Heading south and west we manged to stay off the freeway until Bellingham and we found  some new roads on the way towards Sudden Valley and to Alger. A short stretch on I-5 to Cook Rd to Sedro-Wooley. Here one rider had to head back home because his bike was mis-behaving. Through Mt. Vernon, LaConner, Anacortes and down the west coast to Widbey Island (the long way). Then to Oak Harbor for lunch. (had a special on fish and fries). Back up Hwy 20 to Chuckanut drive on home on I-5. Light rain from Oak Harbor to Deception Pass.  Was a good ride and even got to see great new roads with weather that was OK.    Pictures

Five bikes with six people only showed for this ride and walk to the Silverton Ice Caves. I think they can change the name to Ice cave because there was only one ice cave this year and very small compared to the ones in the past. First stop was The Rusty Wagon for breakfast. it was very busy and it took a while to get coffee and then breakfast. However the breakfast was very good and the price was good. The weather was cool and cloudy most of the day, but when it came time to walk the one mile in and one mile back it was getting pretty warm. Because of the extended twisty roads we travelled we never got to Granite Falls until noon. By the time we rode to the hiking trail, walked in and back, then rode down the mountain it was 4:00 pm. so we did not stop for lunch and most of us headed for I-5 and home. I think only one went on the route and did Chuckanut drive.  Pictures

August 14, 2016  Ashcroft-Logan Lake-Merritt- Home 640 km

Started from McDonald's as always on Hwy 1 to Hope with six riders and picked up more along the way. When we left Hope we had nine bikes heading up the Fraser Canyon to Lytton where the 2nd gas stop was, the 1st was Hope. Hwy 1 to Ashcroft turn onto Hwy 97C into Logan Lake for lunch at the Old Village Cafe. From hear Doug and Bob left to do an over night ride to the Okanagan. Next ride to Merritt , where Dan left to meet up with some friends and the rest went home  via Coldwater road and Hwy 5 to Hope. Because the Air show was in Abbotsford  most of us came back on the north side of the Fraser river. Traffic was all backed up on Hwy 7 at Ruskin so we detoured to Dewdney Trunk rd and home over the Golden Ears bridge.    Pictures

August 7, 2016 Ride to Mt. Baker 286 km and BBQ after

Cloudy skies didn't scare the riders that gathered at McDonald's for this short ride to Mt. Baker ride before the BBQ today. Off to Bob's Burgers and Brew for a buffet breakfast where the group met up with another rider. Down hwy 547 over to Maple Falls and on to Mt. Baker. Road was not good lots of gravel because of seal coating as well as fog and rain, At the BBQ there was a Choice of Hambergers, chicken burger, veggie burgers along with potato salad, green salads, marshmellow salad. Then for dessert Cake Icecream, cookies. Also there was coffee, water and soft drinks, Thankyou Mary Ann for organizing this wonderful event.  pictures

July 31, 2016 Merritt/Princeton loop 574 km

Some of the bikes started from McDonalds this morning, some went straight to Ricky's in Chilliwack and we met a few on the way. But in all we had fifteen bikes parked infront of Rickys at breakfast stop this morning. There were clouds in the sky but we were optimistic and started out for this summer day ride. Hwy 1 to Hope and the the Coquhalla Hwy to Merritt and over to Princeton. Before starting out from Chilliwack we split the group into two groups to make a safer and easier to keep the group to together. At Princeton three of the riders headed east. One going to Oliver the other two continuing on for a two day ride. We encountered rain in Merritt and most of the way to Princeton, but once in Princeton the sun was bright and warm all the way home. My camera was not workingbut  some pictures on Facebook

July 24, 2016 Winthrop for lunch 598 km return

The sun was shinning, it was Sunday and we had a ride planned. Eight bikes were egearly waiting for the Big hand on the clock to reach the 12 so we could get started on this ride to Wintrop Washinton for lunch. After crossing the border at at Abbotsford we met up with the three guys from Chilliwack. No breakfast stop on this ride because of the length of the ride. On Hwy 9 to Hwy 20 and through the Cascade mountains. We had a few rest stops so people could strech and fill up the bikes with gas. Dispite the slow moving traffic at times we were still able to arrive in Winthrop for lunch close to the noon hour. On the way back we stopped at two of the scenic outlooks, one the Washington Pass observation site which we had to walk a short way and then the Diablo Dam  View point. After stopping at Marblemount we split up with two bikes heading for I-5 to get hope sooner. The rest rode the Rockport Cascade road and back to Hwy 20. Home on Hwy 9 where the Chilliwack boys  continued on Hwy 9 and the rest took Parrie road  and over to I-5 and home.  Pictures

July 17, 2016 Pavilion Lake/Marble Canyon 700 km

We started from McDonald's with seven bikes and sunshine upon us. Three planned to go only part of the way and return home. Onto Hwy 1 heading east and then South Fraser way  to the Mission bridge. Hwy 7 to Hope BC. Here we were to join up with another, But  it took us two hours to get to Hope. The waiting rider could wait no more and headed north on his own thinking he may join up with us on the way. And so he did at Lytton. But before we got to Lytton one of our riders who knew the wether forecast decided to turn back and head home. The rest of us now four riders carried on. Shortly past Lytton we stopped to put on rain gear because this is a narrow road without many places suitable to stop and put on rain gear safely.  It did shower a bit on the way to Lillooet. For lunch we stopped at Cook house Restaurant in Lillooet. Now with rain gear still on we headed to Cache Creek  on Hwy 99 through  Pavillion Lake and Marble Canyon. Great scenery on this ride and not much traffic today. By the time we got to Cache Creek it was sunny again and very warm so Ice cream at Dairy Queen worked out very well. Rain gear off we headed for Spences Bridge. Stopped for gas at the Ashcroft turn off and then put on the rain gear again. There was a lot of lightning happening in the direction we were headed.  The the rain started and did it ever rain. We did ride out of it and then only light rain for a while. Quick stop in Merritt and then onto the Coldwater road. As we climbed to the summit the on Hwy 5 the rain came down in large bucketfulls and at the top lots of wet hail. However as we started to desend the hail stopped and only light showers at times. Despite the rain and hail episodes it was a good ride.     Pictures

July 10, 2016 Marblemount for lunch 374 km

Two bikes started from McDonalds this morning with clouds overhead, but no rain on their way to Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast. I was randomly selected for a inside interview at the border. They were very polite and because I had a Nexus card was intervied immediately. The othe bike carried on to the restaurant. Once we got to Hilltop there were five more waiting to chow down on their bacon and eggs. After finishing with the morning meal we were on our way on some roads other then the usual ones. With only a couple of "U" turns we made it to Marblemount the long way as planned. The "U-TURNS" was an opportunity to practice turning around in tight places. In Marblemount we went to Mandos Restaurant for a very good lunch and with large portions.  Home on Hwy 9 and north on Badger Road where some went to Sumas, others to Lynden.  Pictures

July 3, 2016 Darringtn/Arlington Loop 400 km

Only three bikes assembled at McDonalds for this ride today with clouds overhead. The sky looked like it may clear off so off we went for breakfast at Big Als in Blaine. While having breakfast another bke appeared. As usual we avoided the freeway and headed for Mosqutio Lake road., might of even been the long way. Rode the S sakgit Hwy to Darrington. On the way to Arlington we stopped briefly at the roadside memorial for the 43 lives lost at the Oso slide of 2014. On the Arlington-Darrington highway to Lunch at The Buzz Inn in Arlington. Home though LaConner and Chuckanut drive of course.  Pictures

June 26, 2016  Keremeos  for lunch and cherries 634 km

Because this is a long ride there will be no breakfast stop. First sunny morning for a while and six bikes arrive to take on this ride starting from McDonalds as always. We travelled to the Golden ears bridge to get to the north side of the Fraser river and Hwy 7. In Mission we met up with another Roadrider and rode this great road to Hope where we met up with two more and had a quick coffee. Top up the gas tank here for some and we are off on Hwy 3 to Princeton. Stop at the Cheveron, then on Old Headley road to Hedley. Once we reached Keremeos we had to scout out a new place to eat lunch because the usual place had closed. The Branding IronBar and Grill was the choice. The food was good, servic a little slow. Now full we picked a fruit stand to get some cherries. Thanks to Bob for asking to weigh his 10 lb box of cherries. All the 10 lb boxes we were buying were short about two lbs. The lady there did quickly top them up to the 10 lb. Had Bob not asked to weigh his we would all have a very small 10 pounds of cherries.  Only one more stop on the way home and that would be at Hope Dairy Queen for the traditional ice cream stop.  Pictures

June 19, 2016 In your Back Yard 408 km

The weather looked like it could rain and still three bikes showed up at McDonalds for this ride today. I think we should change this ride to ride in the city and maybe your back yard. This year we reversed the route from previous years. The ride was a little ambitious, because of the slownes of city driving. Breakfast at Kalma restaurant wher another bike joined us. We never got any precipatation until we got to River road in Delta and once we stopped and put on the rain gear we did not see any more rain. At Seymout Moutain the first rider had to leave so he could be honoured at a family event. As time went on others as planned left the ride as time ruled. By the time I got to Port Moddy I was on my own. I shortened the route by taking a short cut in a couple of places and did not go to Harrison or Chilliwack, but did some curvey roads around Mission before heading for home. I got home about 4:45 just in time for dinner.


June 12,2016 Camano Island 400 km

We started  with four bikes from McDonalds heading to Blaine Wa to have breakfast at Big Als Diner for breakfast. Another two bikes join us to go on I-5 to Chuckanut Drive. Heading south to  532 toCamano Island. WE trvelled clockwise around the island. We stopped at Camano Island market place for coffee. Over to Hwy 9 where we stopped at Big Lake diner for lunch. Hwy 9 to Badger  road where we split up, the Chilliwack guys headed east and we headed west crossing into Canada at Linden.  Pictures

June 5, 2016 Egmont for lunch 351 km

Ride started from McDonalds with 6 bikes, headed straight for Horseshoe Bay to catch the 9:25 ferry departure. While waitng to board the ferry six more riders joined us including our leader for todays ride. A tour of the local roads near Gibsons including a stop at a house Geof built around 1976 when he was stationed there. On our way to Egmont for lunch we explored many roads away from the main highway. Arriving at noon as planned for lunch at Backeddy Pub and Marina. The lunch and service was very good. After lunch we headed straight back n Highway 101 planning to take the 2:45 ferry back to Horseshoe Bay, but  we were a couple of minutes too late for this ferry,  so we had to wait for the next one at 4:50 pm. The weather was hot and the ride was very enjoyable even if we had to wait for the ferry.  Geo pictures    Lester's pictures

Alternate ride 16-06-05 Spenses Bridge 736 km

The other ride today consisted of Wayne, Rob, Bob S. And myself. We took the back roads out to Chilliwack and then took the highway to Hope..Up the Fraser Canyon to Cache Creek and then through Marble Canyon to Lillioot. By that time it was 40 degrees Celsius. Even at 110km + there is no wind chill effect at that temperature. It was like standing in front of a furnace blower There were spots in the road where the tar straps were turning to liquid.

Good ride all the same.  Doug's Pictures

May 29, 2016 Explore Whatcom County 365 km

The sky was filled with clouds as five bikes met at McDonalds for the long ride to Washington state. The ride is named Explore Whatcom County, but there are a number of counties we explored today. Breakfast at  Hilltop where we were joined by another bike. We travelled many great motorcycle roads today with only a very light shower once, but before the day was half over the sun appeared and warmed the day even more. Lunch at Conway Pub and Eatery. Home on Chuckanut Drive and around by Birch bay and Drayton Harbor.

Click here for pictures



May 22, 2016 Princeton, Coalmont, Tulameen, Merritt 615 km

Five bikes met at McDonalds to start this ride. Because of the long distance there was no breakfast stop, but a stop in Chilliwack Tim Hortons to meet up with one more bike from Chilliwack. The weather was cloudy to start and at times light showers to heavier showers. Tempature was from 5 degreees at the smmit to 18 when we got home. The ride in to Tulameen was good. Lunch at Home Restaurant in Merritt. Over all it was a good ride


May 15, 2016 Fort Casey Park  365 km

Seven riders met at Big Al's for Breakfast in Blaine. One rider had to go and visit his very sick brother in the hospital. All the best to his brother. Six riders headed to Fort Casey. The weather was cloudy and cool I got to  12 C. Two riders had to put on more clothing. Drove down  through Chuckanut Drive and made our first rest stop. Bob led the ride and did a very good job. As we got closer to Fort Casey four fighter jets were flying in the area and were very loud.  Made a quick stop at Fort Casey then headed out for lunch. Lunch was very good. Headed off through back roads and made our last rest stop. After heading out again one rider headed off to Bellingham, the other five headed home through more back roads. We all had a very good ride thanks to Bob. (Richard N)   Click here for pictures


The ride on Sunday 15th May went well with good but not to hot weather and no rain, there were seven riders for breakfast and six on the ride. We found out that there was going to be a protest on Farm to Market road so changed the route to go through Bay View to reach Hwy 20, stopping for a break at the interpretation center. There was one brand new Harley Davidson bike owned by Dan Leibel.

When we got to Fort Casey it was decided not to go into the fort as it really required more time to see it and as it was near lunch time we would press on.  The  restaurant planned for lunch was not open so we headed back to Coupeville and found a Pub Cafe called the Tyee where we had a very good lunch. We then finished the remainder of the ride which I think everybody enjoyed, there was no delay in crossing the boarder.  (Bob. V)

May 8, 2016 Miricle Valley 230 km

Startd from McDonald's with sunny skies and slighly cool temperture we headed for Kalma Restaurant for breakfast. From here ten bikes headed east on Fraser Hwy. Traveling in the southern part of the mainland heading east to Majuba Hill to Annis road. Crossed over Hwy  1 and over the Agassiz bridge to a tour of Seabird island before riding to Harrison for lunch at Old Settlers pub.  Finding many good twisty back roads and then Nicomen Island before riding to Miricle Valley and home via the Golden Ears bridge.  click here for pictures

May 1 2016 Classic & Vintage swap meet and show n shine  and ride to Belcarra after 150km

Ten or twelve bikes started from McDonalds and ate breakfast at Kalma Restaurant in Langley. Then rode to Cloverdale for the 30th Classic & Vintage show N Shine. The attendance was very high this year, most likely because of the sunny warm weather. A few of our group left after Show  N Shine, but we still had a large group heading over the Port Man Bridge to Coquitlam, Anmore Belcarra Park and other places as well. This ride was not our best in keeping the group together. Having CB radios certainly helped and we were altogether for Ice cream at Dairy Queen in Port Moody even though the leader had trouble finding it. After Dairy Queen some went straight home and some got stuck in slow traffic in New Westminster. I guess the extra traffic was because the Pattulla bridge was closed for maintenance. I think in the future we need to avoid these areas with lots of traffic. click here for pictures

April 24, 2016 Car show and Fraser Canyon 354 km

Six bikes started from McDonalds with clouds overhead. Today we are going to have breakfast at new to us place, Kalma Restaurant in Langley. food and service was good. After we finished breakfast we now had seven bikes heading to Fraser Hwy and on to the Otter Co-op for a car show hosted by Vintage Car Club of Canada, Fraser Valley Chapter.  Three of us stayed fo take in the car show while four kept on going anxious to see the Fraser Canyon. There was a large display of classic and Vintage cars and trucks, also a very large steam tractor. Even though there was a threat of rain the attenandance was very good. About an hour and half later we headed to Hope on Hwy 7 for lunch at the Hope Restaurant. The way home was by all the back roads we could. Got off the Hwy by Bridal falls, took Yale road to Annis rd and from there Majuba hill and home on Vye road. Although it lightly rained it was still a good day of riding.  Click here to see pictures

April 17, 2016 Ladner Squamish 296 km

Ride started from MacDonalds, breakfast at Ricky's. Ten bikes left to start th ride to Squamish on a beautiful sunny morning. The route took us through Ladner and on Hwy 17 to cross on the Pattulla bridge to New Westminster, then to Hwy 1. Getting off the Hwy for a while on Marine drive. Once in Squamish we travelled on some back roads before going to Chef Big D's for lunch. The lunch was very good and lots of food. stop for fuel and then home on Hwy 99 and into New Westminster, through Delta and home,  Click here to see photos

April 10, 2016  Chilliwack,Harrison, Maple Ridge 270km

Cloudy skies did not discourage eight riders from meeting at McDonalds to ride this ride today. As is most Sunday rides we started with the first stop for breakfast, this ride at Ricky's Walnut Grove where four more bikes joined us. Travelling on the north side of the hwy 1 on all side roads we did many roads most of us have not done before. crossing the Hwy 1 on No. 3 road and once again travelling on new roads. It is hard to believe that after riding this area for so many years that we can still find new roads. On this ride for some reason the GPS tried to confise us by taking roads that were not chosen on the preplanned route. Three different GPS units and they had at times wanted to go different roads to our destinations.  All in all I think it was a good ride. except for Gary I think he is OK but the bike may be a write off.  Click here to see pictures

April 3, 2016 LaConner Tulip festival  270 km

Four bikes met at McDonalds to start this ride to LaConner Wa. The skys were clear and at times some light cloud. Cool to start the morning, but soon warmed to a comfortable temp. Riding on some side roads once in the USA instead of the usual Hwy. First stop was at Hilltop Restaurant in Bellingham for breakfast and four moke bikes joined us. Travlelling on mostly side roads other then a short time on I-5  and coming into LaConner from the back side. LaConner was very busy with lots of people in town, so we kept on going to look for some tulip fields in bloom. It seems that every year there are less fields of tulips. That done we headed to Farmers Market restaurant for lunch. The special steak sandwich was excellent. Finding more interesting roads including Chuckanut. On the free way to  Guide Meridian. Some of the bikes carried on along Hwy I-5  to home. Others took off north on Guide Meridian to go home. Only myself had another 77 km  of roads to do before ending up in Blaine.

click here for pictures

March 27, 2016 Bridal Falls-Othello Tunnels 297 km

Three bikes showed at McDonalds to start this ride under cloudy skies and slight rain. But as the hours rolled by the rain increased with no promise of getting better. So the ride went to Rivers Restaurant for the breakfast as planned. Breakfast finished but not the rain so we headed home via Majuba Hill and Vye road.

March 20, 2016 first Sunday ride Local Lakes 297 km

When I woke up this morning I looked outside and it was raining so I just made a pot of coffee thinking no one would show for the ride. While I was drinking my morning coffee I checked my email. There it was Don had emailed me to say he was going to meet us at Ricky's. Well now I am late, so quickly got my gear on and headed for the bike. Never stopped at McDonalds because it was now 8:10. When I got to Ricky's Bob B was already having breakfast, I joined him and Glen shows up. While eating breakfast Don P joined us. Now we have enough to do a ride. Everyone wanted to ride even though it was very light rain. First Lake was Aloueete Lake. The rain started but was very light and the temp was warm.  Next Lake Errock and then on to Harrison Lake, but of course not a straight line. By the time we got to Harrison it was time to have lunch at the Old Settler Pub. Every one was still having fun  so on we went to Cultas Lake and Columbia Valley by way of Chilliwack. We rode Orchard Valley road  Keith Wilson. And Finnally hone via Majuba Hill and Vye road. The very light rain and a couple of times no rain and almost sun made for a good day of riding,

Click here for Pictures

Feb. 7, 2016 First official event Brunch @ Newland's

This is our 6th annual  pre-ride season Brunch at Newlands for members and previous members. We had a larger turnout then in past years and it was good to see some of the past members of this club. Everyone looked as thought they were enjoying themselves and by the comments I received supported this. Excellent opportunity to get updated on friends.

February 7, 2016 Brunch
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December 5, 2015 Christmas dinner

Once again Ken and Mary Ann were the ones this year who put together  a festive Christmas Party . The attendance was up this year and it was as good as ever. Ken was the MC and kept us entertained and kept things moving. Bob Baines and Monica did a skit while we waited for dinner. The skit was a doctor and a nurse demensgtrating good safety .  This was because Bob has been the safety director for the cluib for the last few years. The dinner again was buffet with two main features, Turkey and Baron of beef. Of course all the trimmings as well such as salads, buns, yorksire puddings, gravy  and even more, Finished off with pasteries and othe scrumptious things. Coffee, tea and pop was included. The the fun startd as the gift exchange started. Lots of fun and this was proven by the emails we got saying so.

December 5-15 Xmas party
Dec.5 Kens Xmas
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September 28, 2015 Oyster Run 267 km

This year only six bikes gathered to do the Oyster Run ride. breakfast at Big Al's in Blaine then around Drayton Harbor , Birch Bay, Lummi Marine Park, along Marine Dr. to Bellinghan. The Chuckanut Drive and over to Anacortes. We spent two hours in Anacortes checking out the bikes and havinfg lunch. On the way home the route was interupted by one of the bikes broke down. The main wire harness caught fire and that was as far as it would be going. Two of us stayed with the broken down bike and rider while we waited for a tow truck. The others carried on with an altered route to home. The weather was great.

September 27 2015 Oyster Run
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September 20, 2015 Duffy Lake loop 584 kmPhoto Albums 2011- prresent

Only one bike showed for this ride on a rainy Sunday morning.  But I had already made my mind up that I was going to ride, rain or not. The rain stopped for a few minutes as I started out on Hwy 10 but it was light rain. There was a few bright spots in the sky but thee weather forecast was for wind and rain.  Along Hwy 1 there were periods of rain and a few of sunshine. Fraser Canyon was light rain or just clouds. Stopped for brunch at Fat Jacks Diner. At Lytton turned to Hwy 12, heading to wards Lillooet. Now the rain has piccked up a notch or two and there is lots of rocks on the road at all the possible slide areas. Some of the rocks I wouldn't want to be there when they actually came down, they were the size of soccer balls. Only hit one but it was not too big. Turned onto Hwy 99 towards Pemberton. This road had a lot more rock slides, and with c aution was able to manuver around them, Pretty much rained all the way to Squamish, some times harder than others. As I approched Squamish mother nature was showing me what down pours really looked like. It was un believable how hard it ccan rain there all the way to Porteu cove. Once through the Cassiar tunnel the rain eased up and even had a few kilometers of no rain on the way home. While a bit nerve racking in a few places I am not sorry I decided to do the Duffy lake loop.

September 13, 2015 Diablo Dam 401 km

We started from McDonalds as normal, rode to Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast, From here we headed on side roads to Hwy 9 to Hwy 20 with a stop at Concrete and visited the Baker river upstream fish trap and the to Diablo Dam. A walk about to see the Dam and brave the wind to walk across it. Now time for lunch and we stopped at the caboose in Marblemount for the BBQued pork. Fuel up and head to Rockport via Rockport Cascade road where we rejoined Hwy 20. Again leaving the hwy to travel the South Skagit Hwy to Hwy 9. then home on Chuckanut and Hwy 5.

September 13, 2015 Diablo Dam
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September 5, 2015 Merritt-Spences Bridge

Glenn was the only one that did the ride--all by myself--8 am and I was alone ,but had the urge to ride. I rode zoomy,zoomy straight up hwy 1 to hope and then 5 to Merritt.                         The ride from Merritt to Spences Bridge was mighty fine. good pavement, little traffic and wonderful curves to checkout my new pilot road 4 tires. Continued down the canyon and all along the Fraser north side to Golden ears bridge and home.

Good time was had by all


Glen Head

September 5-6-7-8 four day ride to  Banff Jasper Loop  2106 km

First day we met at Ricky's in Chilliwack for breakfast @ 8:00am. Six bikes started the ride, one was going only to Osoyoos and then heading to Oliver. We travleed Hwy 3 staying in Johnny's Motel in Grand Forks. Day two we rode through Castlegar, Nelson, up the west side of Kootenay Lake, to Kaslo, New Denver, Nakusp to thr Galena Bay ferry to Sheler Bay and up Hwy 23 to Revelstoke, No

w on Hwy one to Golden where we stayed at Days Inn. Day three Back onto Hwy one to Lake Louise for lunch, Hwy 93 to Jasper. Ffrom Jasper we took Hwy 16 to the Yellow Head  and followed it to Blue River where we spent the third night at Blue River Motel.  Day four we continued on Hwy 5 to Kamloops, the onto Hwy 3A to Merritt for lunch at A&W. After Merritt the rush to get home started on Hwy 5 Coquihalla where most everyone was travelling in sometimes heavy rain at their own speed to Hope. Fuel stop in Hope and Hwy 1 home.

September 5,6,7,8, 2015 Banff Jasper Loop
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August 30-15 Exploe Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Belcara and some more 165 KM

The weather forecast was for buckets of rain today, so only one bike showed for this ride while there was a very slight sprinkle of rain. First stop was Ricky's for breakfast, When I got there Ricky's was closed as was every other place in Walnut grove because all the Hydro was down. The result of very high winds yesterday. So I rode to Maple Ridge and went to the Home Restaurant for breakfast. By now therew was no more rain and as I got to Pitt Meadows the road was dry.  Later  up the west side of Kooyenay Lakethe sun was shinning and the ride even got better. There were lots of traffic lights that were not working and to my amazment everyone was doing a great job of practising the four way stop procedure. A couple of detours were had to be made because of fallen trees on the roadway. The Becara are has a lot of forest but there were not many trees down on the roads. This being a short ride I ws home before three so I could start collecting  the fallen tree branches at my place.  This is the route I sent out earlier this week. It is a great short route for those who like to go for a ride that is not too long.

August 23-15  Ice Caves 428 km

This ride was altered to suit because the trail to the Ice Caves is closed this year as aresult of an accident that took place in July.  So the ride had more riding KMs and less walking time. Two bikes started from McDonalds and we met seven more at Big Als restaurant for breakfast. Sunny day but lots of smoke in the air as a result of all the forest fires in BC and Washington state. Meandering from Blaine on back roads we worked our way by Whatcom lake and first stop near Sudden Valley for a stretch.  Joining Hwy 9 near Mirror Lake. Thre was a detour on Hwy 9 near Big Lake so we had to head west to I-5 and head south Hwy  534 and back over to Hwy 9 to 86th in into Granite Fals for Lunch at Buzz Inn Steak House. After lunch Four of the group had to head back home, while the other five rode to Siliverton to the Ice Caves park. The trails to the Ice Caves were closed as we already knew. The ride was very nice on the Mountain Loop road.  We traveld back to SR 9 and over to Hwy 528 the north on I-5 then Old 99. Final leg up the Chuckanut and the home on I-5. It was great to see Richard back riding again.

August 23, 2015 Ice Caves
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August 16  Logan Lake Loop 465km

Wayne led this ride through the beautiful Fraser Canyon to Ashcroft >Logan Lake > Merritt and back on Hwy 7 to Agassiz. Only four bikes showed at McDonalds for this ride on a slightly cloudy morning. We rode to Tim Hortons at the Cottonwood mall in Chilliwack where we  met our ride leader. One bike which only planned to go this far turned back home. The sun came out for the rest of the day and was perfect weather for a great ride. One of the four on this ride was a first time rider with us riding a 2015 Harley which only had 800 km on it when he arrived at NcDonalds. Lunch was at Logan Lake at the Old Village Cafe.  Back home on Hwy 5 to Merrit and to Home. Here we did the traditional stop at Dairy Queen for Ice cream.

August 16, 2015 Logan Lake Ride
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August 9 Ride to Mt. Baker and BBQ

Four only bikes rode to Mt. Baker before the Barbecue at Ken and Monicas place. Ken and Monica and all their helpers did a great job again hosting the BBQ.

August 9, 2015 BBQ
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August 1,2,3 three day Ride Columbia Gorge/ Hood Canal

The Ride started from the Hilltop Restaurant near Lynden, WA with eight members on seven motorcycles. We proceeded to the ferry near Coupeville and after a slight delay due to a cancelled crossing we arrived at Port Townsend and travelled south to the Hood Canal. The weather was perfect and the roads were excellent as well as beautiful scenery all the way to our lunch stop at Hoodsport. Here we enjoyed  “Broasted Chicken” at the Model T Pub & Grill. After lunch it was on to Kelso via Hwy 101, over the Astoria-Megler Bridge into Oregon and east along Hwy 30. By the time we arrived at Kelso it was quite warm and everyone was ready to get off the bikes and enjoy a good meal and some refreshments.

Day 2 would take us south thru Portland and on to the “Old Historic Hwy 30” that follows the Columbia River Gorge. This is a very windy, twisty road that is quite narrow. There are several waterfalls including the 620’ Multnomah Falls to see along this hwy. From Hwy 30 we returned to Washington at Hood River and stopped at  Maryhill at the replica Stonehenge monument to stretch our legs and have drink of water. The temperature was steadily climbinbing. From Maryhill we made our way thru Yakima and then to the Yakima Canyon, another stretch of incredible scenery and twisty hwy. From there we made our way to Wenatchee where we stayed the night.

Day 3 took us from Wenatchee to Winthrop and on to the familiar North Cascades Hwy 20. Along the way we stopped at Mazama for fuel, Washington Pass for a bit of a hike and an extraordinary viewpoint, and Diablo Lake - another great viewpoint. Lunch was in Marblemount and from there we decided on our separate ways home, either I5 or Hwy 9.

It was a great ride with fantastic weather, unbelievable scenery, choice roads, wonderful food and good company, On Day 2 three riders got separated from the group and never reunited with the rest. To add to this one of the riders that was separated encountered mechanical problems and had to stay in Wenatchee for an extra couple of days. Everyone did return safely home in the end.  Wayne

August 1-2-3 2015 Hood Canal/ Columbia Gorge
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July 29 Wintrop for lunch 604 km

I said in an email "It is pouring down here I am not going, expect no one will be going"

Glenn said   "Well, you were wrong"

Rick and I met at McDs, suited up and went to Winthrop

Rained to Sedro Woolley and then just the odd sprinkle after that, sunny in Winthrop

Stayed on the main road all the way to Winthrop but took the South side road from Rockport to Sedro Woolley, new road to Rick

Good trip for the two of us

Cheers Glen

July 22, 2015 Peak to Peak    Non scheduled ride but offered to all members

Three bikes and one car with five Roadriders met for breakfast at Road Runner cafe in Langley befire starting the trip to Whistler to ride the Peak to Peak Gondola and then visit the Heritage train museum in Squamish. I  personally didn't think the event was worth the $50.00 for the senior's ticket. Last year we did the Sea to Sky ride in Squamish which I feel was much better. But it is another thing out of my bucket list. Thr Train museum was very interesting the Royal Hudson is huge and looks great.

July 22, 2015
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July 19, 2015 Marble Canyon 691 km

The sun is shining and it is going to be a very warm day and  ten bikes show up at McDonalds for this. Our longest single day ride.  We rode up the north side of the Fraser river to Hope and because there was no breafast stop, we stopped for coffee at Tom Hortons in Hope. Here we picked up two more bikes and two went back homee. Up the Fraser Canyon to Boston Bar for fuel stop. Starting to get hot now.  Cache Creek is the next stop for more fuel and lunch. Now the fun begins. While attempting to fill up a pickup pullinf a long trvel trailer backed into one of our bikes, knocking it over and in the fall damaged the kill switch. The bike would not start. After about an hour or more we were able to take the switch apart and connect the wires so the bike could be started. Tempature no 40 degrees. Once again after having lunch we head out to  Cache Creek and to Hwy pp towards Lilooeot. One of the other bikes now was having peoblems to stay running, so the speed was limited. Stopped at Fountain Valley for water and a strech.  Next stop Lilooet for ice cream. From here parrt of the group went on after having their ice cream and the rest stayed at the slower pace with the problem bike.  Stop in Hope for ice coffee and then home on Hwy 1. Got home about 9:30.

July 19, 2015 Marble Canyon
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July 12-15  Whidbey Island  400 km

The day started out cloudy at 8 am when we met at McDonalds for this  ride to Whidbey Island in Washington. Across the Peace Arch border crossing and to Big Al's for breakfast. Five bikes headed oout from here under still cloudy skies.. Once we reached Lynden one more joined us. We did take the very long way, but great roads to Chuckanut Drive (very light shower here) and through Deception Pass on our way to the destination. All the way past Fort Casey and south to Freeland where we had lunch @ Freeland Cafe. Bypassed Langley WA. because they had a festival there as usual. Through Coupesville and home along Chuckanut. The Sun came through before lunch and was very warm. We had seen about ten deer on this ride.  

July 12, 2015 Whidbey Island
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July 5-15 Keromeos

The ride to Keremeos was attended by seven riders. We headed out from MacDonalds and decided to go to Abbotsford and use the Mission bridge to connect to Hwy 7. At the Hemlock Valley turn-off we lost two riders. Lorraine’s bike was running rough and her and Rick decided to go back home rather than risk going any further. The five of us carried on to our destination via Hwy 3. We stopped at Hope for a cold drink and later at Princeton for gas. At Keremeos we had lunch at the K Restaurant and stopped at one of the local orchards. Our trip home was via the same route with no problems other than a few slow drivers. The temperature continued to rise throughout the ride and was really hot as we returned thru Manning Park. From Manning everyone decided on their route home. Approaching Chilliwack the temperature was well above 30 and traffic was at a standstill about 2 kms east of Prest road where I exited the freeway.  wayne

July 5, 2015 Keremeos
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June 28 three mountains

Five bikes showed for this ride to three local mountains. Weather was sunny and warm. Breakfast at McDonalds then off to Seymour, Cyprus and the moutain where the 2010 olympics were held.

June 28, 2015 3 mountains
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June 27-28-29  three day ride to north and central BC including Dreamcycles museum 16604km

Only two bikes did this non long weekend ride to Tappen BC to see the Dramcycles museum.  This is an outstanding display of all make bikes including some very early bikes. Only $10.00 for an entry per person and worth every cent of it. We stayed in Sorrento at the Chase Country Inn. The weather was warm to very hot, we were told that it was the hottest day this year in Sorrento. Dinner down town which is walking distance.On the way there we travelled on Hwy three to Princeton, 97c to West  Kelowna, on Westside road and into Tappen. We  made better time then anticiapated, maybe because there was only two of us. We rode at or below the speed limit the whole trip. We went to the museum Saturday instead of the planned Sunday afternoon   as planned. This gave us about six extra hours so the route was changed a bit to accomodate.  Rode nto Sun Peaks on the way to Little Fort. Nwxt 100 Mile House for ice cream, Headed south to Cache Creek to spend the night at Robbies Motel. Room was clean, but the air conditioner must be from 1940s. (wouldn't stay there again. Last day rode thee Tunkwa Lake road to Logan Lake, over to Ashcroft, Spenses Bridge, Merritt, Princeton and Home. Ride home was cooler until we got to Hope.

June 27,28,29 Dreamcycles
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June 21-15 Miricle Valley  235km

It was a perfect 1st day of summer for this ride on local roads, staying close to home for the ones that want to ride and still be home for some father day celebrations. The ride being close to home and a shorter then the usual ride did not reduce the quality of the ride. Seven started from Mcd  and the breakfast stop was at Home restaurant in Maple Ridge for a change where one more joined the ride. Stopping at Home restaurant for breakfast I think was not a good idea because the service was terrible today. I think the Home restaurants are a thing of the past for our rides. That is strike two your out for them.  After breakfast we headed back to River road and then found a road going north to Dewdney Truck. Rode to Miricle Valley over to Harrison Mills, Seabird Island, Agassiz. Stopped for ice cream on Yale Road before heading south and onto Majuba hill on the way heading for home .

June 21, 2015 Miracle Valley
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June 14-15 Camano Island  344km

Perfect day for a ride;  weather started at 14 degrees and ended at 31.  Three met at McD's, myself, Bill, and Geof then Bob met us at the Hilltop for a total of 4.  Ride was great through Chuckanut Drive to Camano Island.  There was no place to pull over on Camano till we reached the west side, where the Camano Beach State park is located.  Unfortunately I spotted it too late and we cruised right by it.  Note for next time: try stopping at the park. Nobody was hungry after the Hilltop, so we had lunch at a Dairy Queen.  From there we had our last break at Sedro Wooley and then everyone finished the ride at Sumas. Smooth!      Pat

15-06-14 Camano Island
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June 7-15 Egmount for lunch

Nine bikes showed up for this ride to the Sunshine coast. All met at McDonalds and the rode to the Horseshoe Bay ferry where they would board the ferryn to Langdale A stop at Honeynmoon Bay for a stretch before riding to the Back Eddy Pub in Egmount for lunch. Then ride back to Langdale to catch the ferry back to Horse shoe bay. and home on Hwy 1.

June 7-15 Egmount for lunch
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May 31-15 Explore Whatcom County 362km

The name for this ride is not really fitting to the ride because we explore a few countys. This ride has every thing in it, many very good motorcycle roads as well as good scenery. We started from McDonald's as always and crossed into the U.S.A through Lynden and headed straight for breakfast at Hilltop Restaurant. The weather was lightly clouded but looked like there was no chance of rain. Seven bikes formed the group and enjoyed the whole ride.  Headed to Peaceful Valley, Welcome, Acme, Big Lake   just to name a few.  Lunch at Bob's Bugers and Brew in Burlington. But this is only half of the ride. If I remember I think it was some where like Beaver Lake road where we met on the road about 100 sheep hearded down the road. After that ias up Chuckanut drive over to Birch Bay and home in time for dinner.

May 31, 2015 Whatcom County
 click on picture to see the sheep

May 24-15 Manning park-Princeton-Coalmont-Merritt 596 km

This morning the sky was overcast with clouds, but the roads were dry, Weather forecast was for thunder  and showers near Merritt. However  even with this threat of unfavorable weather five bikes showed up at Mcdonald's for this ride. This ride is unusual as it was going to be a fair amount of highway riding, something we normally try to avoid. Straight to Highway 1 heading east to Chilliwack Ricky's for breakfast. Two more joined us here, but one bike had left near Abbotsford because of the threat of rain.  Now six bikes continue east on wy one to Hope. After topping up with fuel we traveled on Hwy 3 to Princeton where it was somewhat sunny. short ride up to Coalmont and back to Hwy 5A to Merritt. Lunch here at Home Restaurant then listen to the loud thunder as we head towards home avoiding all the rain except for a little shower.  Home on Hwy 5 to hoe, then some went home on Hwy1 others home on Hwy 7 to Aggassiz then over to Hwy 1. Traffic was light and roads were in good shape.

May 24, 2015 Princeton-Coalmont-Merritt
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May 16-17-18 Grand Coulee ride

This year there were only four riders on the Grand Coulee Ride. We met at the Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast and were on our way by 9:00am. The weather cooperated with no rain as we made our way to Yakima. We made a stop in Roslyn to stretch our legs and take in the local museum. Roslyn was a coal mining town up until 1996. Several million tons of coal was mined prior to shutting down. We travelled thru the Yakima Canyon on nice twisty roads enjoying the spectacular scenery. In Yakima we stayed at the Guest House International Inn, suggested by Bob Vaughan. It was very clean and close to several amenities. The second day we travelled from Yakima to Grand Coulee. We did run in to a little rain but had no problems. Our route took us north past Lake Chelan, thru Bridgeport and then south to Dry Falls; "thought to be the greatest known waterfall that ever existed” [sic]. From there we headed to Grand Coulee following the east side of Banks Lake. In Grand Coulee we stayed at Grand Coulee Center Lodge, our favourite spot. Richard lead us up to a view point that overlooked the town and the dam, it was spectacular. On the third day we headed home via the North Cascades Highway (Hwy 20). we stopped in Winthrop for coffee and then made our way to Washington Pass View Point, unfortunately it was still closed because of snow. The scenery thru here was awesome, lots of snow and high peaked mountains. Our next stop was Diablo Lake Overlook, our new member Rob DeBest, said that it was the best road he has ever ridden. From here we made our way to Sedro Woolley where the group separated and made their way home. We had a very successful ride without any serious incidents and saw some spectacular scenery, ate some great food and enjoyed each others company. I look forward to doing it again.


May 16,17,18, 2015 Grand Coulee
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May 17, 2015 Fraser Canyon to Boston Bar

Six bikes met at McDonalds this morning.Glen suggested we try Rocco's in Mission for breakfast. So after a five minute stop at Ricky's to see if anyone was waiting there we were off. Rocco's had huge booths, good breakfast and fast service so we were out before 10:00. Route seven to Hope was almost empty for the long weekend, so we were  gassing  in Hope by 10:30. Glen said he had read about a new restaurant just past Boston Bar called Big Al's. So that is where we were headed. Again the road was empty for the long weekend so we sailed up to Boston Bar and were ordering lunch by 11:30. Again fast service, great food and reasonable prices.  We were in the parking lot by 12:30 ready to head back. From here Louis and Bob kept going to Lytton.  Two guys wemt home via Hwy 7 then to Chilliwack and sumas moutain. One went home on Hwy 1 to Chilliwack. Overall the weather was sunny and 23 degrees and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Pat

May 17, 2015 Boston Bar
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May 19, 2015 Local lakes 284 km

Eight bikes showed up for this ride to visit some of the local lakes. This ride was made so that if anyone had to be home for mother's day home eevents they could leave at any time and not be too far from home. The weather was very slight overcast with some very sunny periods with the temperture up to 22 degrees. Started at Mcd as usual, then Ricky's for breakfast. Now on some different local back roads and work our way south and the east to include Majuba hill of course. A ride up around Cultus lake and through Columbia Valley. Back to Chilliwack via Old Orchard road. Now we have to eat again so we went to a favourite of Pat and also  Wayne's  in Chilliwack named Uptown Grill. Was very good food and service. We headed the long way now to Harrison Lake and back on Hwy 7 past lake Errock up Silvester road , went by Stave lake, Hayward lake and who knows what other lakes were near by such as Rolley lake. Stop at a little stoore for ice cream on Dwdney trunk road. Home over the Golden Ears bridge completed a very interesting ride.

May 10, 2015 Local Lakes
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May 9, 2015 Tire plugging for a flat tire demo

Today we had a demo and show and do it plug a tire with the use of a Stop N Go tire plugger  George had an old tire he removed from his bike for everyone to practice on.  Nails were in the tire so everyone could do it all from removing the nail to the total installation of the plug. With the tire not mounted on a rim it gave everyone the opportunity to see what was happening on the inside of the tire. Everyone who had a Stop N Go kit was asked to bring it to this session. It is one thing to have the tire repair kit with you, but on the side of the road with a flat tire is not the place to do your learning of how to use it. I think it was a good learning experience for those that attended . Hopefully they will never need it but if the do they are now prepared.

May 3, 2015 Darrington/Arlington 401 km

Four bikrs started from mcDonald's this very sunny morning, heading for Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast. Here we joined five others who were already having breakfast. So Smith Rd. Mosquito lake road, Sedro Wooly, We looped around to Darrington over to Arlington. Lunch was in Darrington I think the name was Glacier Peak Cafe, it was very good.  One more stop on the way home was for ice cream. then home. Good ride by our leader Geof.

May 3, 2015 Darrington Loop
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April 26, 2015 Cloverdale swapmeet/ Squamish 370km

Sunny skies this morning as the bikes arrive at McDonalds for this ride to the  Classic and Vintage swapmeet in Cloverdale and the Squamish for lunch. Breakfast at Ricky's is the first stop again today. next tide the long way to Cloverdale because the swapmeet doen't open until 10:00am. We spent about an hour looking at all the bikes on display.  Then back on the bikes and ride through Ladner and Westminister on the way to Squamish. We don't usually find the shortest route but try to ride the most interesting route, after all we like riding bikes. Lunch was had at the Shady Tree Pub in Squamish. A visit to the burnt out wharf  in Squamish that took up a fair amount of time on the News Hour was done on the way home. Home by 4:15, good ride.

April 26, 2015 swap meet/ Squamish
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April 19, 2015 Bridal Falls- Othello Tunnels 370 km

Suuny warm spring day must trigger some thing for people to get the bike out and ride. Eleven people chose to do this with Langley Roadriders  this day. Start point was McDonalds as usual and today breakfast at Ricky's in Walnut Grove. Riding on all non-highway roads through north and south Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack to Bridal Falls. Once here everyone walked the 20 minuite walk up hill to the falls. From here we rode to Hope and had to ride a short distane on Hwy 1, but we did do every off hwy bit that we could. Lunch time now so we stopped at Hope Drive In and Restaurant, the food was very good, service a bit slow. Next onto the Othello tunnels . The walkway through the tunnels was closed, so we could walk only a short distance before the closure. We had to stop at |Daiy Queen in Hope before heading home on Hwy 7 across the Mission bridge.

April 19, 2015 Bridal Falls Othello Tunnels
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April 12, 2015 Western Washington 300km return

The ride was scheduled to be Western Washington, but as we got part way through it looked like it would be a good choice to head east for a while because of the huge black clouds. So this is what our leader did and it worked out wery well. We had lots of sun shine and only a sliught mist twice, didn't even have to put the rain gear on. Wayne led us  across the border at Lynden ( no line up) to Hilltop for breakfast, the east to Silver lake, Maple DFalls Deming, Stop for coffee in Everson. striagt south to Whatcom Lake, to LaConner back up Chuckanut and Home, but not before a stop at Wayne'e favorite restaurant Skaigit Valley Farmhouse for lunch.  Very good ride.

April 12, 2015 Western Washington
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April 5, 2015 Lunch in Marblrmount 370 km

Good idea, but nothing was open there except the gas stations. four bikes only took the opportunity to do this ride on a sunny day in April. Started out cool and soon warmed to a comfortable temperture. Breakfast at Hilltop Reataurant and the on mostly roads other then highways to Arlington over to Darrington riding past the huge slide that happened March 22, 2014 near Oso. Once we got to Marblrmount it didn't take long to see all the eaterys were colsed. We carried on to Lynman until we found The Old Mill Restaurant. It was a very good find as the food and the watress were very good. Good ride, good roads, good people.

March 22, 2015 first scheduled ride    Fraser Valley loop 250 km

Four bikes gathered at McDonalds to start this ride under sunny skies and warm for this time of the year. First stop breakfast at The Roadrunner Restaurant. we took the long way on back roads to the north and then to the south before crossing the Fraser River over the Agassiz bridge. Eventually we ended in Harrison for lunch at the Old Settlers pub. More uncomon roads and home across the Mission bridge. After crossing the bridge we did encounter some right rain.

March 22, 2015 Fraser Valley Loop

March 8-15 6th pre ried season ride  Squamish for Lunch

Cool morning as we seven people met at Roadrunner Restauant for breakfast before heading to Squamish for lunch. By the time we finished breakfast it had warmed up a bit. Sunny skies helped as we crossed the Golden ears bridge and to Dewdney Trunk road. Through Port Moody and over the Iron workers bridge. Along Marine drive to Horseshoe Bay.Back onto Hwy99 to the Shady Tree pub for lunch.

March 8, 2015 Squamish

March 1-15 pre-season ride to Steveston Historic Cannery

Once again we met at the Roadrunner cafe for breakfast @ 9 am before doing this ride to Steveston to tour the Gulf of Gerogia Cannery which opened in 1894. We didn't know it when we planned this ride but there was no admission charge today. Of course we took the long route on the way there. Hwy 17 to Hwy 99. Five bikes and riders, including a guest did the ride. After the tour of the cannery and a coffee break,  Gord led us home via the most southern route and on some roads I never new existed. Weather was cloudy and cool with no rain.

February 22, 2015 unscheduled ride to Deeley Motorcycle museum and more

Another sunny day for a planned but unscheduled ride, this one to the Deeley Motorcycle museum in Burnaby. Meeting place was the Roadrunner cafe in Langley where nine people, 2 cars and six bikes gatherd for breakfast before the ride. Of course we took the long way to Boundry road in Burnaby. The museum has a good selection of older bikes, but some how I thought it would have been bigger. After the tour some left to head home the others continued on the planned route, with each person leaving the ride at times and places that fit there schedule. The traffic and city roads do not make for great riding, but was something different. With only two of us left in the group we stopped at The Home Restaurant in Maple Ridge for a later lunch and carried on to Mission before turning and heading for home. About 150 km was a good ride for ths time of the year in Southern BC.

February 22, 2015 Motorcycle museum
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February 15, 2015 unscheduled ride to Granny and Grumpas antiques

This day was predicted to be sunny so we decided to do a ride. This destination was in the Sumas prarrie, it is a farm that has an unbelievable amount of antiques, I think there must be four barns or large buildings chock full. Tractors, cars, dolls, you name it and it will be there and not only that but there are many of them.  Nine people showed up at the Roadrunner cafe in Langley for breakfast and the the ride to the destination. Today we invited members to come in cars if they didn't have the bike on the road. Two cars took part. After the tour of the farm we went to Yarrow and had lunch at Rivers Restaurant. The day started out very foggy in langley, but as we proceeded to Abbotsford the sun was shining bright.  On the way home we changed ride leader and avoided the freeway and came through Sumas Moutain and Fort Langley.

February 15, 2015 Grumpas
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February 8, 2015 Annual  Brunch

This is the third event this year, and once again Newlands came through with flying colours providing our 5th annual Brunch at Newlands. Over thirty people took part in this event. Everyone looked delighted to be part of this traditional get together while able chat and keep up with  news from long time friends and also with new friends.  Thanks to Mary Ann for making the arrangements and sending invitations.

February 8, 2015 Brunch
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January 11, 2015 first short ride of the year

Today we did the first LRRMC ride of the year. All though this ride was not on the ride schedule it was offered to all members. The morning started out cloudy with some fog in Langley as we started out to the starting place for this ride. We met at Hilltop Restaurant in Bellingham as planned. We were three, one from Chilliwack got rained out. By the time we finished breakfast it was raining in Bellingham. We decided to do a ride, but a shortened version of the pre-planned ride. Heading west to Birchbay, Drayton Harbor, Blaine and on to Lynden. Although the ride was short and a little rainy at times we managed to stay warm and dry. After crossing the border at Aldergrove we stopped in Whitespot for a coffee before heading home.   picture on facebook


November 29-14 Christmas party

Once again we held our Christmas dinner at ABC White Rock. Ken was the organizer again this year with a number of helpers, to make this a very fun and pleasant experience. Starting with a casual get together, then ken was master of ceremonies and did a fine job with some humour as well. The dinner was the traditional turkey and beef  buffet with all the trimmings. Once everyone had there fill of  the meat and potatoes, there was a good selection of desserts. Now move the tables back and start the gift exchange. This is always a fun event and this year was no exception. i think this year there was a very good varity of gifts, such as I would like  to have that one and of course some not so desirable. there was more stealing of gifts this year then usual and this makes it more exciting for everyone other then the person that lost a wonderful gift. But that is all part of the game and the luck of the draw. The night finisde off with the annual picture on th stairs. Unfortunately I think some people left before the picture was taken. This winnds up our event calendar for 2014. We are looking forward to the 2015 ride season already

Nov. 28-14 Christmas
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October 19-14 Fraser Valley Toy run and ride after

Eight bikes started on this ride, starting from Mcdonald's with the first stop at Ricky's for breakfast. Breakfast done we headed on Hwy 1 to Fraser Hwy east to Mclure rd and on to the start place of the toy run in Mission. Before the start of the run we met up with other people,some we have not seen for a while. This year there was a larger then normal turnout, most likely because of the very warm temperature. Records were broken all over BC today with new highs. After the Toy run eight of us went for lunch at Rivers Restaurant in Yarrow and then for a great ride around Chilliwack mountain and Chilliwack lake.  Last stop for coffee at Tim Hortons on Vedder before heading home.

487 bikes left from Mission and another 273 from Chilliwack. The others joined up at the Abbotsford Auto Mall. 1215 toys were donated. The value of the toys and the cash donations (including corporate donations) was about $29,000!

October 19, 2014 Fraser Valley Toy Run
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October 12-14 Inch and Weaver creek

First stop was Ricky's for breakfast, Eight bikes were here for this ride to inch Creek fish hatchery and Weaver Creek spawning channel. The weather was good and the leaves are turning colours on the trees. Near Lake Errock we stopped and a couple of us tried the roasted chestnuts a guy was selling from his home. I thought they tasted awful. Inch creek was the usual, the seven ft. long sturgeon are still swimming around in the pond. The place was crowded with people.  Weaver creek had very few fish in the channels, maybe too early. There were hundreds of tourists here, trying to find the few fish that were in the channel. from here the ride was shortened from the pre-planned ride as some people had to leave to get home for Thanksgiving dinner with their families. The remaining riders went to the Chilliwack airport cafe for lunch.

October 5-14 Vancouver Toy Run and Whistler  350 km

We met at Mcd and rode to Ricky's for breakfast. Seven bikes only for this ride to Coquitlam to take part in the 36th annual Toy Run. I can remember when we had 46 bikes with a Police escort all the way to the Port Man Bridge. There was a very good turnout for the ride under sunny skies and warm temperatures. After the Toy run we did our planned ride to Mt. Seymour and Whistler.

October 5, 2014 Van Toyrun
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September 28-14 Anacortes Oyster Run 267 km return

As usual we started from McDonalds in Langley and headed to Big Al's restaurant for breakfast where we met up with the rest of the group. Eleven bikes on the route to Anacortes. We travelled through Drayton Harbor, Birch Bay, Lummi Bay, over through Bellingham to Chucanut Drive. Once in Anacortes we spent a couple of hours walking around, looking at bikes and the Seattle Cossacks stunt riders. We regrouped at the agreed upon place and headed home.  The day started out foggy and changed to a beautiful sunny day.

Sept. 28-14 Oyster Run
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September 21-14 Duffy Lake loop clockwise 600 km

This ride, because of the time it takes was a no stop for breakfast ride. However about five  people met at Ricky's in Langley shortly after 7 before the start time of the ride. Also some had breakfast at Mcdonald's. Eleven bikes and thirteen people were anxious to do this ever popular ride. First stop Tim Hortons in Squamish. Next stop Pemberton for gas and we were going to have lunch here as well. But no one was hungry yet, so we went on to Lillooet and ate at the hotel.  On the way down the Fraser Canyon we stopped in the center of the canyon, Boston Bar for the  ice cream break.  And yes it was hot enough for ice cream, many records were broken today in this province with high temperatures. It was 32 in Lytton today.  Last stop was in Hope for topping up the gas tanks. Here one of the group had a flat tire. Here is a good reason for group riding. We had with us a tire repair kit that did the job just fine and we were on our way in 15 minutes or less.

Sept. 21- 14 Duffy Lake Ride
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September 14-14  Diablo Dam 406 km

As usual start was from McDonalds and the stop at Hilltop Restaurant in Bellingham for breakfast. Riding as many back roads as possible, including Burbpee hill to Marblemount.  Continued on and first stop was a road on the north side of Gorge lake to a campground and small community. Back to Hwy 20 and up the hill to the dam. Here we walked around and explored the almost 400 ft. high dam. Everyone found this tour very interesting. On the way back we stopped at Mondo restaurant in Marblemount for lunch. It was very good and the asian lady was a very good server. From here we took Rockport road  back to Hwy 20 and then in Concrete we found South Skaght Hwy back to Hwy 9. On to I-5 and home.

Sept.15, 2014 Diablo Dam
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September 7-14 Spenses Bridge-Merritt  561km

Because this was a long ride there was no breakfast stop, but  a stretch break along Hwy 7 and  a coffee break in Boston Bar. Eight bikes took advantage of this sunny day for a ride through the Fraser Canyon to Spenses Bridge and then Hwy 8 to Merritt. Lunch at Merritt Dessert Inn. Don't think I would stop there again The service was very slow. At lunch some of the group wanted to go home via Princeton. We agreed five would go this route and the other three would go the original planned route. The longer route was a total of 661 km.

Sept. 7-14 Spense Bridge-Merritt

August 30 -Sept 1.       4 day ride to Wa- ID- BC  1830 km

I was the only one to sign up for this ride but 2 others were on a nine day ride and planned to join this ride for the last two days. So for me breakfast for one at Hill Top to start off. The long way to Hwy 20 and then east to Winthrop where I had lunch. The plan was to stay over night in Tonasket WA. but there wasn't much there that looked like I would want to sleep there. It was only 1 pm so I decided to keep on going and take a longer off the beaten path route. The night was spent in kettle Falls WA. Sept 1 would be a short ride to Creston BC so I decided I would ride past Creston to Kimberly and back to Creston for the night and the agreed upon motel there. This is where I met up with Wayne. Next morning we headed the long way to Castlegar. On the way we stopped in and spent about two hours at the old silver mining town of Sandon. We went through the museum and Hydro power house which has been running contiously since 1897. Now Tuesday we were to head home on Hwy 3, but Hwy three was closed  a little west of keromeos and we were told it would be closed for three hours.  We turned around and went via Penticton which was about another two hour ride. it got very wet on the way home on Hwy 5. got home about 5 Pm. It  was a great  ride.

August 24-14 Ice Caves 320 km

This beautiful morning I was disapointed and surprised that no one was at McDonalds for this ride to the Silverton Ice cave, this has always been a popular ride. But for the three of us that met @ Big Als for coffee or breakfast it was a great ride. This year we took diversions from the usual route and seen some more of the USA we have not seen before. The two km walk up and the same back was a very worth while part of the trip. ( there is a $5 per vehicle parking fee) On the way back a stop for ice cream in Granite falls wa a welcome stop.

August 24, 2014 Ice Caves
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August 17, 2014  Logan Lake 576 km

Group of nine met at McDonalds for this fairly long ride to Logan Lake. The first stop was Ricky's in Chilliwack for breakfast. After breakfast we were  ten, heading up the  Coquhallla to Merritt via Coldwater road. From Merritt to Logan Lake for lunch at the Old Village cafe. After lunch a suggestion was made to go home by way of Ascroft about an hour and half longer ride. So nine of the ten wanted to do this ride so off we went. We had a new person join us on this ride today and when asked how he was enjoying the ride, he replied that it was the most fun he had ever had with his clothes on. The morning started out with high clouds and warm. As the day went ont the clouds disappeared and the sun got even warmer. The new longer ride was 632 km. Ooops almost forgot ice-cream stop in Boston Bar

August 17, 2014 Logan Lake

August 10, 2014 Mt. Baker & Barbecue 315 km

This was a short ride so we could get home before the BBQ. Six bikes were parked at Hilltop restaurant for breakfast after the ride from Langley. After breakfast six bikes rode under prefect skies to Mt. Baker and then back home on roads other then the usual ones and of course Chuckanut drive.  Back in Canada before 3:00 pm as planned so we could get to the annual BBQ. This year the barbecue was at Ken and Monica's place which is near Campbell river in south Langley. Everyone gathered early as planned to chat, play Bocce ball or fish in the pond. Bob Baines was the head chef cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers and he did a great job of it. Before the main course everyone could snack on the different fruits, veggies, chips, popcorn and I can't remember the rest.

August 10, 2014 ride and BBQ
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August 3, 2014 4 mountains 392 km

Started from McDonalds as usual, first stop breakfast at Ricky's. Nine bikes joined together for this beautiful day ride to four local mountains. Burnaby mountain was the first then Seymour,Cypress and Mt. Callihan. Lunch was in Squuamish at the Shady Tree Pub. After lunch five riders headed home and four rode to the fourth mountain. We had three riders we haven't seen on a ride for a while. Good to see them again.

14-08-03 4 mountains
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July 27 Winthrop for lunch 600 km

Two bikes started from Mcdonalds this beautiful sunny day and met up with the four others who had went to Hilltop restaurant for breakfast. Leaving the restaurant at 9:00 am we travelled by  LakeWhatcom to Hwy 9 to Hwy 20. Once in Winthrop we had planed to eat lunch at Carlos Mexicam Grill, but it was closed so we ate at Riverside Grill which was good. Afeter food and fuel we headed back on Hwy 20 and Home.

July 20 Marble Canyon loop cc 680 km

Eight bikes took part in this ride, one rode  to hope and returned. Cloudy start to the day, some light rain. Later in the day some sunny breaks. Coffe stop in Hope lunch in Cache Creek.

No cameras, no pictures

Thursday July 17-14 Squamish Gondola (Sea to Sky)

This ride being an extra scheduled ride started from Ricky's with breakfast. Five bikes with six people left here to start out on Hwy 1 heading to Squamish. At Taylor way we pulled off the hwy to join three more people. The sky was covered with light cloud and the tempature was perfect for a Motorcycle ride. As we got closer to the Gondola the skys cleared and the tempature was a very comfortable level. Luky for us there was a 20% discount today for members of motorcycle clubs. Up in the Gondola we went. At the top thereis a susprnsion bridge and numerous trails to walk. all this was first class. Large look out areas were along the trails. When we had all finished the tourist stuff we headed back down. Now lunch time, we headed for the Water Shed Grill  We ordered our lunch, but it took over an hour to get it. The food was about average. I wouldn't go there again. They were pretty busy, but I don't know why. They do have a view of the Squamish river that was nice. As for the Gondola, I think everyone was impressed with it and thought it was more then anticipated. Now home before the major traffic started.

Glenn's Photos   Wayne's Photos  Ken's Photos

July 13-14 Langley BC to Langley WA  450 km

Three bikes at McDonalds (one brand new one) were joined by three more at the breakfast stop which was at Hilltop Restaurant. Of course Chuckanut drive was the route to Hwy 20. We travelled some new roads on the way to Langley Wa. on Whidbey Island.  There was an art festival happening there which closed a lot of streets and the place was very busy. Lunch in Langley was out of the question, so we headed to the Pie Cafe for lunch. The way home took us to more unfamiiar roads. The weather was sunny and the tempature was very comfortable, especially near the water.

July 6-14 Ride for Cherries  620 km

The clouds had the sky covered this morning and still five bikes showed for the 620 km ride for cherries. Ya we know you can buy BC cherrries at the local market but it seems like a good idea to ride there anyway. No breakfast included on this ride because of the length of the ride. We did stop in Hope for coffee before heading up  Hwy three. A short stop at Manning park lodge to stretch and and or remove layers of clothes as necessary. Some minor sprinkles along the way but not enough to put on the rain gear. Stop for gas at Princeton before riding the Old Headley road and then keremeos. The sun was shining here and very hot. some were pleading for cooler temps. Lunch today was at the K Cafe on the main street and it was very good and big portions. I had the fish and chips, it was excellent. That done we headed for the fruit stands to look for cherries. They looked goood and we collectively purchased about 50 pounds of them. On the way home we encountered some light rain and did stop to put on some rain gear. South of Hope the sun appeared and follwoed us home.

June 28-14 -July 1-14 4 day Caribou/kootenay 2300 km

Only four guys were up for this ride to the north and east. We met in Chilliwack Saturday morning with cloud and expecting rain.All were ready to leave by 8:00 am. Hwy 1 to Bridal Falls, then over to Hwy 7 to Hope and the Fraser Canyon. Lunch at Hungry Herbys in Cache Creek and it was very good. I think we all had chicken and fries. Continue on Hwy 1 to Quesnel Sandman Inn for the first night.  632 km today as planned. Breakfast first and then a ride into Barkerville. On the way back we stopped in at the Cottonwood  house an old road house from the gold rush days. We had a tour of the place and one of us got to try the whip used to encourage the horses to move along. Back to Quesnel and onward to McBride Sandman Inn for the second night. Both days we encounteres rain showers at times. The second day was only 468 km . Day three we left McBride and rode 617 km to Revelstoke and stayed at the Sandman Inn. Day four we rode 524 km home via Enderby and the Westside road which I think is even better then Chuckanut drive. On this trip we rode a lot of beautiful roads seen a lot of unbelievable scenery and lots of wild life, Deer, Moose, Black bear, Grizzly bear, Sheep, Goats, Mink, Elk and maybe some others I can't remember. All bikes operated flawlessly, food was great, rooms were good, rain didn't dampen spirits, and we all had a good time.

June 28-July1 Caribou ride
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June 22-14 Camano Island  320 km

Bikes gathered early at McDonalds for this ride to Washington State. Ride got a late start because one person ( won't say who) couldn't find their Nexus card. But all was well and forgotten by the time breakfast was served at Hilltop Restaurant in Bellingham. Sev. en bikes headed out this very sunny and warm morning. Of course we had to ride Chuckanut drive and close to LaConner through Stanwood, made the loop around Camano Island. This is a very senic route and good roads. Back home by way of Hwy 9. Stop for lunch at Big lake Diner. Once in Sedro Wooley everyone seemed to head their seperate way Home with only two finishing the route as planned.

June 22, 2014 Camano Island
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June 15-14 (father's day) Miricle valley 232 km

Very cloudy this morning as five bikes meet at McDonalds for the father's day ride. On the way to Ricky's for breakfast the skies opened up and poured on us. On with the rainsuit and spirits not dampened by the rain four bikes were determined that the rain would not interfear with the day. Two of the bikes had less then 200 km on them. So you might say that Langley Roadrider members are keeping the economy going. Across the Golden ears bridge and many roads without highways we travelled, to Miricle valley and back on Hwy 7 at Silvester rd. Through Agassiz and through Seabird Island, the Hwy 9 to  Old Yale rd and stop at the Wildcat Grill for lunch. On to Hwy 1, exit onto prest rd to Majuba Hill and home. Short ride and home by 3:00 pm for father's day dinner.

June 15, 2014 Miricle Valley
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June 8-14 Egmount for lunch  351km

6 bikes met at McDonalds this morning to start this ride under slightly cloudy skies. Travelling on Hwy 1 to Horseshoe Bay to catch the 10:10 am ferry to Langdale. At the ferry terminal we joined two more bikes waiting there for us. The 40 minute ferry ride past very fast as we had coffee and shared conversations. Because of the off loading of the ferry it is impossible to stay together as a group when leaving the ferry at Langdale, so we reassembled at Gibsons. Riding many interesting and twisty back roads on the Sunshine coast we arrived at the Back Eddy Pub for lunch about 1:00 pm. Good lunch and then back to the ferry in Langdale for the 4:50 return ferry to Hoeseshoe Bay. When the ferry was approaching the trminal we said our goodbyes to each other when docked we headed home on Hwy 1. Each bike exited the highway at the exit they chose to make there way home.

June 8, 2014 Egmount
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June 1-14 Explore Whatcom County 365 km

The weather was sunny today as we started from our normal starting point and headed for Hill top restaurant for breakfast. Here three more joined the ride as we toured almost all twisty roads of Whatcom County. stopped at Big lake diner for lunch. then home via Chuckanut drive and Birch Bay.

June1, 2014 Whatcom County
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May25-14 Merritt-Osprey Lake 642km

Even though the weather forecast was for rain a group showed up for this ride. Travelling on the north side of the fraser river to Hope where we stopped for a coffee. Still not raining we headed up Hwy 5 to Merritt. Here it started to rain lightly. On to Osprey Lake and then to Princeton. After leaving Princeton the  rain was more serious. Despite the rain we all had a good ride and managed to stay dry.

May 17-18-19 3 day ride to Grand Coulee

The ride was a pleasant, non-hurried ride and we only rode less than 400 KM per day. We spent the first night in Yakima, where we would have arrived earlier if someone would not have missed the turn off to Motel 8. The second night was spent at the Grand Coulee Centre Lodge, older but clean and quiet. We had hoped to leave Yakima by the same way we arrived through the Canyon, but it was closed due to a bicycle race. We had lunch in Winthrop and continue home throughout the Cascades. Great trip.


May 17-19 2014 Grand Coulee
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May 18-14 Fraser Canyon>Merritt 570km

On this day two rides were scheduled. The long ride was to the Fraser Canyon. The other ride was to Aggassiz with the long ride and then head back home on the back roads south of the Fraser river.

Only three bikes showed for both rides, Two bikes did the long ride one did the short ride. All bikes headed across the Golden Ears bridge and on Hwy 7 to Aggassiz. The long ride headed to Hope via hwy 7. Coffee break @ Boston bar. Lunch in Merritt and home on Hwy 5 and the Hwy 1. Weather was some cloud, some sun and a couple of very light showers.  No Pictures forgot camera

May 11-14 Local lakes  283km

As Usual start from McDonalds. First stop is Ricky's for Breakfast where 10 people met to eat and socialize. Seven bikes headed across the Golden Ears bridge. At Rolley Lake one bike picked up a nail and of course went flat. This being a tube tire the only solution was BCAA. Now only six bikes on this mother's day ride and the weather was perfect. After touring a number of lakes we headed for The Angry Chef Diner in Chilliwack for lunch. Here one more left the group because he relized he had left his camera behind at the breakfast place and one had to head home for early dinner. Now only four bikes we finished the ride and we were home about 3:30 which was in time for mother's day dinner. Yes the camera was retrived.

April 27-14 Ladner/Squamish

3 bike showed up this rainy day in hopes it would clear up. Breakfast at Ricky's and then home because of the rain and the forecast for more.

April 20-14 Bridal Veil Falls/Othelloe Tunnels 267 km

The morning weather was unexpectedly not raining. First stop as usual Ricky's for breakfast, from here south side of the river on back roads to Chilliwack, then on the freeway to Bridal Falls. A 1/2 hour  walk to the falls and back was good exercise and a strech of the legs. Back on the bikes to Hope for lunch, then to the Tunnels. The tunnels were closed because of falling rocks. The return to home was on the north side of the river. On Hwy 7 near Agassiz we could see the fields of tulips at the Tulip festival there.

2014-04-20 Bridal Falls
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April 13-14 LaConner Tulip ride 259km

This is one oif those short rides often requested, as welll this ride like many could be shortened almost anywhere if a person only wants to ride a shorter distance. as it was the group was back home by 1:30. I heard that the tulips were not as plentiful as in some past years. The weather was very good and a good day for riding.

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April 6-14  Marblemount for lunch 340km

This morning light cloud covered the sky when two bikes met at McDonalds for this ride to Marblemount for lunch. First stop was at Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast. Here we met another rider and after breakfast we put on the rain gear as it had spit a little rain. It seemed to work because we never got wet, nor did it rain. Down Chuckanut to Hwy nine, some other not to used roads on our way to Marblemount. This is where plans had to change because there were no restaurants open in Marblemount. We headed for Concrete to see what was there. We found a place on Main st. named Hub Bar and Grill. we had great food at a very good price we would go there again. so next year the ride will be called "Concrete for Lunch". home Via Baker lake, Hwy 9 to Sumas and home. Good ride, good roads, good food, and as always food friends.

April 6, 2014 Marblemount for Lunch
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March 30-14 Horseshoe Bay, Squamish for lunch

Four bikes were at breakfast this morning, three intending on riding today. When we left McDonalds the sun was shining, however when we had finished breakfast it was sprinkling a bit. Three of us started out on this ride. By the time we got to Vancouver it was raining fairly heavy. Two of the three headed for home. I decided to carry on to Horseshoe Bay along Marine drive. Once in Horseshoe Bay decided  to ride to Squamish for lunch. It was sunny in Squamish. TOn ther route both to and from there were periods of no rain and periods of heavy rain. I was wearing rain gear and warm cloths and heated grips and seat so I was fine. The Hwy was blocked at the Horseshoe exit, so I found the Loins gate bridge and came home through Burnaby, and over the Alex Fraser Bridge. By the time I got home around 3) the sun was out.

March 23-14 Fraser Valley Loop 295 km

The first ride of 2014 and the weather was cool and sunny. Ride started from McDonalds as usual and first stop was breakfast @ Ricky's. Six bikes was a good turn out for this around freezig morning. Travelling back roads to the Mission Bridge and then to Stave lake road where we rode some roads we have never been on, getting back onto Hwy 7 and on to Harrison for the 2nd stop and stretch break. Across the Agassiz bridge. Lunch at a new restaurant named The Angry Chef. it was a 50's style place and served a number of different burgers and other stuff. More roads around Chilliwack and the to Cultas Lake. On the way home we had to stop for Ice cream at Birchwood Dairy on Fadden road in Abottsford. The headed home via Vye road.

From March 23, 2014 Fraser Valley Loop
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February 9, 2014 Pre-ride season 4th Annual Brunch

This is the second event this year, the first being a breakfast at Ricky's in January. Brunch today at Newlands was very well attended by members as well as past members. This was an opportunity for everyone to catch up with some of the people we haven't seen since last years brunch. The food selection is unbelievable and very good. Most everyone had a chance  and had a lot of laughs.

2014 Brunch February 9, 2014
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December 7, 2013 Christmas dinner and gift exchange

This must be at least the 10th year we held the Christmas dinner at ABC White Rock Ken is the chairman for this years Christmas dinner committe and he and the committee did a great job again. Winner of the Tacky wrapping contest was Gord. The dinner was a buffet turkey and roast beef. Excellent as usual Hugo and the crew there are the best.After dinner, the always fun gift exchange, then 50/50 draw was won by Mary Ann. I think everyone had a good time and a chance to visit with good people.

October 20, Fraser Valley Toy Run, lunch & short ride

Light fog and a warm 10 degrees as ten bike gather at McDonalds for the 27th Fraser Valley toy Run. First breakfast at Ricky's then over the Golder Ears bridge to Hwy 7. The starting point for the Toy Run is Mission Liquidation world.

Approximately 800 bikes participated in the ride. The oldest rider was 85, the youngest 20. After a donation, then coffee and muffin five of us went for a ride and lunch. Lunch at the Dewdney Schnitzelhaus.  The ride through Agassiz and Chilliwack the home all without the freeway.

October 20, 2013 Fraser Valley Toy Run
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October 13, 2013 Inch Creek, Weaver Creek Columbia Valley 269 km

The day starts out cool (3 degrees) and some fog as we gather at McDonalds for this ride. Seven bikes start out  and after breakfast it soon begun to warm up. The high this day was 15 degrees, which made it very nice in the sun, any parked bike today missed a great riding day for sure. Fall colours were displayed on the trees along the route. Stopped at Inch creek hatchery and then indirectly we made it to Weaver creek. Making use of many off the beaten track roads we headed to the Chilliwack Aiport for lunch or pie. Fuel stop then home via Majuba hill. This thanksgiving weekend ride we were all very thankfull we could enjoy such a great ride this late in the year.

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October 6, 2013 Vancouver Toy Run and local Mountains 281 km

This Sunday is an amazing sunny warm day for this time of the year. eight bikes showed at McDonalds. First stop of course is breakfast @ Ricky's. here we joined up with some more roadriders and headed acrosse Golden Ears bridge to Highway 7  to Coquitlam mall where the Toy Run starts from. After delivering donations to the Toy Run we explored three mountains. Seymour, Grouse and Cypress. Stopped for lunch at A&W on Mt Seymour Rd. after the trip up Mt. Seymour. Coffee in Britannia Beach before heading home on Hwy 1.

October 6, 2013 Van. Toy Run
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Sept. 15, 2013 Duffy Lake Loop 590 km

Five bikes (three Syders & two two wheelers) only showed for this ride, the weather was very foggy, but warm. By the time we reached Hope the sun was out and all the jacket liners came out. Continue on Hwy one to just past Boston Bar where we needed a pie stop at the Alpine Canyon Restaurant. After the pie break off to Lytton, then Hwy 12 to Lilleot,then Hwy 99 to Pemberton. Between Pemberton and Whistler the sky got very dark and we could see lightening in the distance towards where we were heading. We stopped and suited up in the rain gear. (better to do this before you get wet) This was no surprize to us because the prediction was for thunder showers this afternoon. However we only got a a few scattered drops of rain.  About five km before I got home it did rain fairly hard, but I remained dry.

2013-09-16 Duffy Lake Loop
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Sept. 8, 2013 Boston Bar-Merrit 552km

Eight bikes started this ride and as usual breakfast at Ricky's was the first stop Across Golden Ears and along Hwy 7 to Hope. Traveling up the beautiful Fraser Canyon as far as Spenses Bridge to the turn to Hwy 8. Hwy 8 to Merrit and then Hwy 5 to Hope and home.

September 9, 2013 Boston Bar
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Sept.1, 2013 Fraser Valley loop 269km

Ten bikes on this sunny and warm September morning started out on this Sunday in the long weekend. Breakfast at Ricky's and then all side roads to Chiliwack including Majuba hill. The Columbia Valley and off to Harrison for lunch. Home on side roads and then Hwy 7 to Mission bridge.

Sept. 1, 2013 Fr Valley Loop
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August 25 Mt. Baker 226 km and Barbecue

Eight bikes did the Mt. Baker ride in sunshine and were able to go right to the top. Home in time for the barbecue. Pictures tell the story.

August 25, 2013 Barbecue
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August 18, 2013 Hope-Ashcroft-Logan Lake-Merritt-Princeton 750 km

As we gathered at McDonalds it was a cloudy but warm morning. No breakfast  stop this trip because the planned route  was 640 km. Seven bike were eager to go and the first stop was Tim Hortons in Hope for coffee. The just incase rain suits were shedded in Hope. Hope-Ashcroft-Logan Lake-Merritt-Princeton-Hope and home. We were home in time for supper. Princeton was not in the plan.

August 19, 2013 Logan Lake
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August 11, 2013 Ice caves 460 km

When we met at McDonalds it raining lightly, but everyone there were optimistic and still wanted to ride. We crossed the border at Peace Arch and went to Big Als in Blaine for breakfast as planned. Here we met three more and enjoyed a good breakfast.Finding some new roads we rode by Whatcom Falls park, Sudden Valley, Big Lake. We left Hwy 9 and again found some back roads before returning to Hwy 9.*4th St. to Granite Falls and on to the Ice Caves. It is a one mile hike and an increase in altitude of 200 feet to get to the ice fields. Once back at the parking lot we headed back to Granite Falls for a late lunch. Stilll almost 200 km from home we headed for I-5 to get home by 6:00pm

2013-08-11 Ice Caves
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August 3-4-5 2013 Three day ride Cascade Loop Approximately 1600 km

Five bikes at at Hilltop Restaraunt to start this first day of the ride. Cloudy but warm as we started south, but soon the sun broke through and it was a beautiful day.

Day 1 (512km)

started at Hilltop Restaurant (leave restaurant at 8:00am to catch ferry)

ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend Aug 3),South along the Hood Canal,over Astoria-Meagler Bridge

East along Columbia River to Kelso, overnight at Kelso-Longview Super 8 dinner @ Red Lobster

Day 2 (562km)

South towards Portland, East along Columbia River Gorge via the Historic Highway, back into Washington at  Maryhill, North to Yakima canyon, overnight at Wenatchee Super 8. the day was sunny and warm great roads

 Day 3 (546km)

North towards Chelan and Winthrop, second breakfast, Highway 20 thru North Cascades to Hwy 9, North at Sedro

Woolley to East Badger and home. Another perfect day

Aug 3-4-5 Cascade Loop
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August 4, 2013 4 Mountains ride 400 km

4 members met at McDonalds  another joined us for breakfast.

5 members left for the ride,  

Had lunch in Squamish at the pub… beautiful day, but foggy at the top of the mountains. Lots of mosquitoes at the top of the mountains as well making us feel unwelcome and we left quicker than planned.

Aug. 4-13 4 Mountains
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Today once again we had two rides One to Squamish and one to Washinton

1. July 28 2013 Exploring Whatcom & Skagit County  365 km

As usual we started from McDonalds and headed to Hilltop for breakfast and to meet the rest of the group. Now about eight bikes we headed out to explore Whatcom and Skagit Counties. This was a pre-planned ride by our last year ride coordinator. What a beautiful route, Must be some of the best motorcycle roads in Washington. Through Whatcom county into Skagit county and back into Whatcom county. We included Chuckanut Drive and Birchbay. The weather was absolutely perfect all day long. We had stopped for lunch at Big Lake Diner where they served us a very good lunch and it was quick as well.

2. Breakfast in Squamish

July 28-13 Squamish
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July 21 2013 Merritt/Princeton 465 km

Ten Bikes stated from Mcd and headed to the Mission Bridge, the first stop is for breakfast at Dewdney Schnitzulhaus. We had a very good breakfast and the price was good. Two more members joined us there. Now heading North on Hwy 7  to Hope where we stopped for gas. Up Hwy 5 to Coldwater road to Merritt. Another gas stop and streach those legs. Hwy 97c to Princeton. Now time to eat again so we went to Billys Restaurant for lunch. Hwy 3 to Manning Park Lodge for a break. Onward to Hope for the triditional ice cream break before doing the last leg on Hwy 1 to home.

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July 14, 2013  Today we had 2 rides 1. scheduled ride to Langley Wa. and another ride 2. that stayed in Canada

1. Langley, Whidbey Island WA. 676 km

I can never figure out how it is that when we design the ride on the computer it says it is 625 km and when we actually do the ride it comes out to 676 km.  This ride started from Mcd as usual withthree bikes and crossed the border at Hwy 15. We headed directly to Mo & Joes Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast and to join up with the rest of the group. The weather was sunny and tempatures all day in the middle 20s, just right for riding. I hope we travelled some new roads today or else my memory is fading, because I don't remember seeing all I saw today. Lunch In Langley and Ice cream in Coupesville. went and came back on Chuckanut drive.


2.  Manning Park/ Hope I have no details until some one writes them


July 7, 2013 Marble Canyon   662 km

This morning it is a sunny day and looks like a good day for a ride. Seven bikes gathered at Mcd for this ride up the Frasr canyon to Cache Creek. At the first stop in Hope another bike (Spyder) joined us. This was bring your picnic lunch ride so we stopped  as pre arranged at Hat Creek Ranch for our packed lunch. A stop in Boston bar for Ice cream was a very welcome event. The tempature near Lytton was 36 degrees. As we got north of Boston Bar the tempature dropped to a comfortable level of about 28 degrees. Hwy 12 from Lilleoot to Lyton is a beautful ride but is very bumpy.


June 29-July 1 3 day ride Okanogan/Caribou 1600 km

For this ride we met at Ricky's in Chilliwack where some had breakfast before leaving at 8:00 am. `Eight bikes headed out on Hwy 1 to Hope and the Hwy 3 to Princeton. Heading towards Merritt on 5A , then onto Hwy 97C to West Kelowna.  Of course we were going on the westside road. Firsy night in Kamloops. Next morning Head out on Hwy 1 to the Okanogan Hwy to Hwy 24. We rode Likely and returned to 100 Mile house  where we`Stayed  the second night. Monday Home through Duffy Lake.


June 30, 2013 Fraser Canyon/Merritt

The ride started out with 4 bikes and 5 people: Larry, Rose, Graham, Patrick O'brien and Richard, by the time they reached Agassiz, 2 had dropped out: Patrick and Richard, leaving two bikes to soldier on. By noon the group had reached Boston Bar and settled in for lunch at the Canyon Alpine restaurant. There, reinforcement had arrived as Pat rode up on his trusty Victory.
After lunch, the group of four set out in 33 degree weather.Highway 1 was almost empty and the view was breathtaking. By Spence's Bridge, the thermometer was at 36 and it stayed that way for the rest of the day. Route 8 was also vacant and we glided the twisty 65 kms to Merritt in 45 minutes.
At Merritt, the Dairy Queen provided some cool treats and after about 30 minutes, we cruised down the Coq. to home.

Pat Maclou


June 23, 2013 Camano Island  360 km

The day started sunny and warmer then the previous days, but it soon clouded over with  threaats of rain or showers. This did not dampen the spirits of the group of eight bikes. Breakfast at Hilltop and then on our way led by a spyder. Three Spyders on this ride through Chuckanut and to Camano Island. Lunch at Bike Lake Bar & Grill  in Mt Vernon. Almost everyone that stayed for lunch had Halibit and chips and it was very good. Then home on Hwy 9 to Sumas.

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June 16, 2013 Miricle Valley 230km

This ride was planned as a short ride because it is father's day and most peole want to get home for family gatherings. First stop was Ricky's for breakfast. fourteen bikes left Ricky's and headed over the Golden ears bridge to Hwy 7. Then many different senic and twisty back roads through farm land, mountains, valleys, islands, over rivers, dams and native land. Lunch was at the Wilcat Grill.

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June 9, 2013 Osprey Lake approx 650 km

Started from McDonalds, went to Rickys for breakfast, sky was cloudy, forecast was for no rain. Tweleve bikesstarted ont over the Golden Ears bridge and along Hwy 7 to Hope. Fill up and onto Hwy 3 and now the sun is shinning on the way to Princeton, It was a good road and scenic drive to Osprey lake and then back to Princeton for lunch at Billy's. With full stomachs we are off to Merritt and then Hwy 5 to Hope for ice cream before starting the last leg home on Hwy 1.

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June 2, 2013 Coupville Wa. 350 km

The morning was sunny as we gathered at McDonalds for this Sunday ride. But befdire we reached the Hilltop Restaurant for breakfast it was clouded over. The six bikes that started from Langley and the 6 bikes which started from Hilltop weren't deterred by the clouds. Shortly after the sun broke through and soon we didn't even remember it was cloudy. Lunch in Coupville and then more interesting and new roads on the way home.

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May 19, 2013    5 Lakes Ride


Ride started from McDonalds with first stop at Ricky's for breakfast. Eleven bikes took part in this ride. The ride was around the Fraser Valley stopping at a number of lakes Including Harrison where the lunch stop was at the Settlers pub.

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May 18-19-20 Grand Coulee

On Saturday, May 18, 2013 we left for what has become an annual ride to Grand Coulee, WA.

While there were 4 riders on 4 bikes we were riding on 10 wheels (2 Spyders).

This year we stayed in Canada for the first day riding east to our motel in Osoyoos, BC, but as that was such a short ride we lengthened it by touring north of Keremeos and Osoyoos up to Apex Mountain. Despite all of us having the route programmed into our GPS's we did get split up during this section of the ride, but we reconnected at the end of the day at the motel.

Since Sunday's ride was also a relatively short one we went back up north to fully complete the day's previous ride as those of us that did ride it found it to be rather memorable. We were also lucky enough to be sitting along the side of the road when an antique car rally came rumbling by. It was quite a sight. We have stumbled across antique car show and shine's on previous rides, but not the rolling show we got treated to that morning. After this we headed south to the border.

One of the reasons to stay in Canada for the first day was to be able to cross the border at a different crossing than the very busy lower mainland crossings, which for the most part worked well. After arriving in Oroville, WA we looped around on the west side of US97 before heading east to US395, then south to Inchelium and west to WA21 then west on Manilla Creek Road towards Grand Coulee. Bridge Creek Rd approaching WA21 was spectacular.

We stayed at the Grand Coulee Center Lodge again, next door to Flo's Cafe. Even though the motel has a complimentary breakfast we tend to gather at Flo's for her breakfasts.

On Monday (which was not a holiday in the US) we headed south along Banks Lake towards Soap Lake stopping briefly at Dry Falls. It was the curves of the Yakima Canyon that called next then on to US12 then along the East side of Mt. Rainier to Enumclaw. While riding through Enumclaw wouldn't you know it, but we found a Pie Goddess. Pie and ice cream were had for $5.00! Then we continued north avoiding I5 as far as Arlington before giving in to the clock and riding that multi-laned concrete behemoth to the border.

I now have a route that is 164 miles of back country roads that remain east of the Seattle metropolis avoiding about 85 Interstate miles. The back country route takes an extra hour to do (2+40 versus 1+40), but of the half a dozen times that I have used it I have not had any traffic problems either.

Richard Briand

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May 12, 2013 Around the Valley

This morning is cloudy was cloudy, but warm and believe it or not bikes showed up for the ride around the valley. Breakfast at Ricky's. Now raining the dedicated to ride group decided to ride in the now rain.Back roads to mission , then Mission backroads to Sylvester road. At times it raind fairly heavy to light. but the ride was good anyway.

May 5, 2013 DarringtonArlington loop  370km

Four bikes met at Mcd with warm temps and a sunny sky and headed for The Hilltop Restaurant on Guide Meridian where we met with five more. Travelling Baker Lake road, Misquito Lake road, Sakgit Hwy and many others, some new ones as well. Border line ups were great for Nexus, and not too bad for the other lanes. Good ride and a good day.

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April 27, 2013 Tsawwassen Swapmeet then Squamish for lunch  280km

Seven bikes met at Mcd for this ride on a cool, but sunny morning First stopping at the regular breakfast stop and then off the beaten path to The swapmeet.  About an hour looking at the bikes wa enough for this bunch of I'd rather ride then look group. On the way it did get cloudy but no rain for the whole trip. Lunch at Shady Tree and home.

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April 21, 2013 LaConner Tulip ride  244 km

This morning is was raining lightly and most likely discouraged some from doing this ride today. However some Roadriders couldn't stand to be house bound and came for a ride. Breakfast at Big Al's Restaurant in Blaine was the first stop for those who started from MCD where the rest of the brave were joined. Cool tempertures in the morning didn't stop them either. Riding on roads close to the ocean heading south was a change in scenery and goood roads.  Chuckanut Drive as usual was great and we missed the large deer that crossed infront of the lead bike. I guess the rain kept the crowds small in the area of the tulips because they were smaller then usual. We snapped a couple of tulip pictures and stopped for lunch before getting on our way. By now the rain had stopped and some roads were dry. Avoiding the highway we rode to Sumas for the traditional ice cream stop before heading across the border and home.

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April 14, 2013 Marbemount for lunch 371 km

We started from McDonalds as always in cool tempatures and the plan was to meet others at Big Al's restaurant in Blaine for breakfast. This would give the ones without a Nexus card a chance to get through the boder earlier. But as it happened all that went on the ride had Nexus cards and met at Mcd. After breakfast we headed on Peace Portal way and worked our way to Chuckanut drive. Travelling on some roads we haven't done before we got to Marblemount without any Hwy 20. Hand lunch at Mondos, first time we have been here. The special was a double patty burger and it was very good. We had lots of sun, couple of short showers, one hail shower, got warm in the afternoon. It was a good ride.

April 7, 2013 Bridal Falls/Othello Tunnels

Raining this morning so only three bikes showed at McDonalds. We left at 8:00 am precisely and headed for Ricky's for breakfast. Breakfast done and raining even harder then before, so we decided to head home and leave this ride for a better day.

March 31, 2013 Horse Shoe Bay/Brackendale for lunch 248 km

We met at McDonalds as usual the went to Ricky's for breakfast. Now ten bikes, we head for the Golden Ears bridge on our way to Horse Shoe Bay. Followed Hwy 7 west until we got onto Hwy 1. After getting off the Iron Workers Memorial bridge we travelled on Dllerton Hwy and Marine drive. First stop is the main street in Horse Shoe Bay. The weather was warm and sunny, an excelllent day for riding. After a short break we saddled up and headed for Squamish. After riding some of the back roads of Squamish we headed for The Red Bench Diner in Brackendale for lunch. Fuel stop back in Squamish and head home Onre way home we were stopped by the police for a Motorcycle licence check. All was good and we were on our way. This was a short ride so we could be home early for Easter dinner.

March 31, 2013
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March 24, 2013 First scheduled Sunday ride for the 2013 season

Eight bikes met @ McDonalds on this close to freezing morning under cloudy skies for this 280 km ride of the Fraser Valley. As is the aquired protocol we first stopped at Ricky's for breakfast. One more bike joined us as we left Ricky's headed for Fort Langley. The tempature was about 3 degrees. Through Fort Langley and then heaing south to 8th Ave. Of course if we are near Majuba hill we have to do it. Cultus lake and the Colubia Valley ride was also in the plan. Now time for a Tim Horton moment and get warm. Northward and through Rosedale to Harrison for lunch. By now it is starting to get warmer to the point you can turn off some of the electric warmers. On the way home on the north sifde of the Fraser we took a few backroad rides before crossing over the Mission bridge. Off the beaten path to 264 street and home. Even though it was chilly in the morning it was well getting out of bed for the first LRR ride of the year.

March 24, 2013 Fraser Valley

February 10, 2013

This the second event of the year, we had a less formal event early January, it was a breakfast at Ricky's.

This 2nd anual Brunch which included past LRRMC members. Held at Newlands Golf and Country Club we had a great brunch which included beverages like tea, coffee, juice as well as the masive selection of food including deserts. It was wonderful to visit with members and previous members while this gives us all a chance to see how everyone is doing.

Feb.10, 2013 Newlands Brunch
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Dec.1, 2012 Christmas Party

This year again we enjoyed an excellent dinner and gift exchange at the ABC Country Restaurant White Rock. Ken was the chairperson for this year's annual event and he decided to do some things different and fun this year. All participants were asked to bring a gift in tacky wrapping and then they were entered into a contest in which the winner's table would get to eat first and the winner also got to pick his or her choice of all the gifts after they were opened. The winning parcel was chosen by Hugo the restaurant manager. Lorraine brought some printed Christmas Carols which the group sang before the gift opening. The winner of the tacky gift wrapping was Ken. The winner of the contest for paying early for their dinner ticket was Tom Dunham a long time member. The last thing before heading home was a picture on the steps to the banquet room.

December 1, 2012 Christmas dinner
December 1, 2012 Ken's xmas
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Oct. 14, 2012 Fraser Valley Toy Run

The weather report was for lots of rain and wind today but we  still met at MacDonalds as usual, then rode to Ricky's for breakfast. Hwy 1 was the choice route because we only had 3/4 hour befor the parade started in Mission. There were a few gusts of wind, but we didn't have any trouble on the Hwy. Didn't seee many bikes on the road this wet and windy morning. It was 14 degrees, so it was warm. When we approached the starting point we could see the crowd was less then a third of the normal turnout. There were no RCMP to escort or block intersections because of a accident some where in Mission. The 115 bikes, led by Santa did follow the regular route and we arrived at the Abbotsford exibition center as usual. After making our donation and having a coffe and cookies 1/2 of us left to go the the Motorsport show at the Tradex. I didn't think it was worth the $8 senior rate plus $5 parking.

October 14, 2012 Fr Va Toy Run
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Oct.7, 2012 Vancouver Toy Run

We started from McDonalds, rode to Ricky's for breakfast where we met up with some more bikes and riders. Then left Ricky's with a belly full of Bacon and eggs we travled over the Golden Ears Bridge on route to Coquitlam Center, the starting point of the 33th annual Vancouver Toy Run. Along the route many more bikes joined us. We were about 21 or 22 bikes by the time we reached the start point. 10:00 am the bikes poured onto the road 2 x 2 all the way to the P.N.E.  Grounds. The line up was long to enter the building where we delivered gifts or cash for the children. We regrouped back at the pre-arainged spot in the parking lot so we could contine with a ride into the mountains. After returning from Mt Seymour we rode to Horseshoe Bay for lunch. Some of the group had to leave and head home for he traditional turkey dinner with family and friends. Others had time to ride to Squanish before they had to be home for dinner.

Oct.7, 2012 Van Toy Run
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September 30, 2012 Winthrop

This is a long ride approximately 580 km and eight hrs. of riding time so there is no stop for breakfast. We started from McDonalds as always and crossed the border at Aldergrove/Lynden, then met up with a couple more at the dairy on Guide Meridian. Travelled by Whatcom  Lake, Baker Lake and onward to Winthrop. We had lunch at Carlos Mexican restaurant there and it was very good and large portins.  After lunch one of the bikes would not start. We push started it an away went. Most bikes refueled because the the next gas stop is 74 miles away. The next stop was at the Diablo dam overlook. Once again the same bike would not start. This time we unpluged the head light to conserve power, push started it and awy we went. we were able to get the bike home. on the way down and on the way home the border line ups were not too long. The weather was  sunny all day cool in the mountains, hot in Winthrop 27 C degrees

table style="width:194px;">Sept. 30-12 Winthrop click on picture to see more


September 23, 2012 Oyster Run

Light clouds in the sky, but the forecast is for it to clear and be sunny today. Six bikes stared from MCDonalds. The border line up at Aldergrove/Lynden was not to bad and the guards directed us into the empty truck lanes whch helped us get through faster. At Hilltop rtestaurant where we stopped for breakfast we met up with tow more bikes and riders. Along the always great Chuckanut drive to Anacortes where we parked and walked among the many bikes and people. The sun did come out and soon the leather was being shed by everyone as the day warmed up. Once we all regatered at the parked bikes we headed home on some new backroads and then to Hwy nine.

September 23, 2012 Oyster 2012
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Oyster Run WS Sept.23-12
 Click on picture to see more   Wayne


September 16, 2012 Duffy Lake

Twelve bikes were waiting for 8:00 am so they could ride this ride today. The weather was absolutely perfect for this 600 km ride through some very scenic country. Hwy 1 to 99. Breakfast in a restaurant in Squamish that we had never been to before, but we will again.

September 9, 2012 Mt Baker & Barbecue

Cloudy skies did not deter eight bikes from meeting at McDonalds for a ride into the U.S.A. for the planned trip to Mt. Baker. Breakfast stop at Hilltop Restaurant in Bellingham is where we met up with our ride leader. Taking some side roads we reached the start of the road to Mt. Baker, but the road was closed for a bicycle race.  Our leader was not stumped by this and quickly decided to do some other roads instead. So we backtracked a ways and took the Silver Lake road, then over to Mosquito Lake road. This delivered us out onto Hwy 9. So the next road would be Park Road to Lake Whatcom road and some how coming out onto Chuckanut Drive. Down and back on Chuckanut. By now it was time to head back for the barbecue @ Willard and Trish's place.

The Annual barbecue was held later this year then normal, but it was just as good. Trish had made home made burger patties and they were good. Contributing to the excellent patties was Willard's expertise at barbecuing them. Included in the offerings were beef burgers,veggie burgers, smokies and for the first time turkey burgers. They seemed to be a good addition because most of them were consumed. And of course there was a selection of salads, chips and other nibblies. To top off the meal was apple pie and ice-cream. How could it have been any better. The weather was warmish and cloudy. It spit a couple of drops, but the rain gods smiled on Langley Roadriders and the rain held off.

Thanks again Trish and Willard for hosting a great barbecue .

September 9, 2012 Mt. Baker & Barbecue



September 2, 2012 Fraser Valley

September 2, 2012 Fraser Valley
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August 19, 2012 Boston Bar

This ride was not the scheduled ride, but the group agreed to do this ride to Boston Bar instead.

Three bikes and five people left McDonalds under cloudy skys and tempature around 18c.

Rode the back roads to Mission and had breakfast at the Dudney Bar Pub as the Firehouse Restaurant was closed for renovations.The owner of the pub told us at the Firehouse Restaurant that he own's the Dewdney Bar Pub and they serve breakfast at 9:00 am. He said if the food is not good you do not have to pay forit. Doug the owner was right the food was excellant and the prices were good.

We left the Dewdney Bar Pub and stopped at the rest area near Agassiz. Rode from there to Boston Bar, the weather was very hot around 34 c.We have lunch at the Alpine Valley Restaurant. The food & pie was very good. Left Boston Bar and headed to our next stop which was for gas at the Emmory General Store and RV Park.Took a short break because it was hot. Rode from there to the Birchwood Dairy Farm in Abbotsford,for ice cream,it was good.There was a group of old cars there.After a good break we headed home.

Ken broke in his new 2012 Suzuki Scooter.

Thanks to Larry for leading the ride.

Richard N

From August 19-12 Boston Bar
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August 12, 2012 Pemberton, BC

The sun is shining this morning as we gather at McDonalds to ride a ride very similar to last weeks ride. Only this time we are going to Pemberton and not taking the side trips up the mountains. When we left Ricky's after breakfast we were twelve bikes. Along Highway 1 we met up with another Roadrider.  A stop at Britannia and then another at Brandywine Falls where we walked a short distance into the falls. Next we head straight to Pemberton where we will have lunch.  The Pony Expreso was the place chosen by our leader and the food was good. Not your average type of eatery, but good. Paul it may not be your idea of a lunch stop.

August 12, 2012 Pemberton
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August 4,5,6  Grand Coulee

The club did a 3 day ride over the August 2012 long weekend to Central Washington. This year we stayed in Grand Coulee at the Grand Coulee Center Lodge both nights and used it as our base, a little different as we have tended to only stay there for one of the nights in the past. The weather was extremely hot. We saw temperatures into the 100's each day.

On Saturday we rode to Winthrop, then down to Lake Chelan, intending to ride a dead-end road along the south side of the lake, but as it was so hot we shortened the ride by the hour it would have taken to do so. Next we headed down to Ephrata and the up to Grand Coulee. Personally I just love this area and that's why I started volunteering to do this ride a few years back, and return here as often as I can throughout the riding season.

On Sunday we decided that due to the high tempuratures we would ride a shortened version of the circle tour North West of Grand Coulee that I had designed. We were on so many back roads that most of the time today and some of yesterdays riding that we rode many a mile without seeing anyone else.

Monday we rode back along Banks lake and down to Soap Lake / Ephrata to Ellensburg just so we could ride the Yakima Canyon. In my humble opinion it's always worth going out of your way to ride this scenic and twisty road. We rode that bad boy down and back up, then on to Leavenworth (for a Bratwurst lunch of course). After lunch we took a side trip over to Lake Wenatchee to see more back roads before joining Hwy 2 to Gold Bar. After an ice cream break in Gold Bar (did I mention that it was quite hot while we were riding) we left the often traveled Hwy 2 and took the back roads alongside Lake Roesiger and Granite Falls towards Arlington and carried on North on Hwy 9 to Sedro Woolley. It finally started cooling down, especially along those tree lined back roads east of Hwy 9. By now it was down to just Wayne & I so we decided to go to Edison and have an oyster burger before heading across the border.

Richard Briand

August 5, 2012 Four  Mountains ride

Five bikes met at McDonalds and another joined us at breakfast. These are the ones that aren't on the tree day ride to Grand Couleee. This 400 km ride included a ride to the top of Mt Seymour, back to Hwy1 and then to Grouse Mountain, back to the Hwy then up Cypress Mountain with a stop at the Cleveland dam and a view of the Capalino river. Now  we want to eat again so we head off to Squamish for lunch at the Shady Tree Pub. Last  leg of the trip before heading home was to the Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley. This was a beautful day with a high of 32 degrees.

August 5, 2012 4 Mountains
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July 29, 2012  Miricle Valley, Hope, Chilliwack and some other places

Started from McDonalds, then to Ricky's for breakfast the ten bikes heaaded across the Golden Ears bridge to find Miricle Valley. This is a 386 km ride that has some awesome roads and is not far from home. After riding on the roads to, through anfd from Miricle Valley we went to the Home Restaraunt in Hope for lunch. Hwy 7 back to Aggazia to Hwy 9 and finding all the non-Hwy roads to get us to Laidlaw. We did take some stops to strecth and drink water. The weather was sunny and warm the whole day, between 22 and 24. About perfect for riding. Some more different roads before riding the Majuba hill on the way home via Vye road.

July 29, 2012
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Tuesday July 24, 2012  6 Airports & a Beacon

This was a different Tuesday evening ride because it had a destination other then the traditional coffee stop. The ride led us to six different air fields in this general area. Some of these were private airstrips, some public. We started with Langley Airport.  The ride was only 76 km long, but we never finished the whole ride because we spent too much time at the very interesting main attraction, which by the way is not mentioned in the name of the ride. It is the ride leaders friends place where he has many electric model airplanes.  He also has a "G" gauge model railway that runs all around the property. Then we toured his collection of hot rods. This man has a great amout of toys. The Lady of this wonderful place had her own talents on disply, they are jewlery she makes herself. So we never got to ride the entire planned ride and see the rest of the airports. So this coming Tuesday we will ride it again without the stop. Very intersting place.

July 22, 2012 Mission-Hope-Princeton-Keremeos

When we left McDonalds parking lot it was cloudy as we travelled to Ricky's for breakfast.  Crossed over the river on the Golden Ears bridge to travel Hwy seven to Hope. Top up the tanks on the smaller bikes and the on our way to Princeton. Here one fellow turned back to go home. The rest contined on  along the Old Headly road towards Keremeos. Had lunch, picked up some fruit and headed home back on Hwy 3 to Hopeth. At the sumit we had to put on the rain gear. Good thing we did because we ran into a thunder storm and then showers.  From Hope to home on Hwy 1.

July 15, 2012 Langley BC to Langley WA.

Starting from McDonalds and crossing into Lynden from Aldergrove we stopped at The Rusty Wagon for breakfast.  Weather was cloudy and cool for the middle of July. With a good breakfast in our bellys we headed to Chuckanut drive. From there we certainly didn't take the most direct route. Traveling on many new roads we traveled through Deception pass to Whidby Island. We rode down the west side of through Smugglers cove, over to Langley and back on the eastern side. Total ride approximately 425 KM. Some light showers along the way, some sun on the way home.

July 8, 2012 Ride to Marble Canyon

Ride started on time from McDonalds and headed to Hwy one where we to meet up with our ride leader for this 680 km ride. The skies were sunny and the weather was summer riding jacket warm. Now nine bikes we headed up Hwy 1 with one rest stop before stopping in Lytton for gas. Next Hungry Herbys in Cache Creek for lunch. One of the benefits of riding in a group proved it's self on this ride once again as one persons bike wouldn't start. With a little push it fired up and we were on our way. Heading North now on Hwy 99 the temperature was now in the low thirties. About half way to Lytton we stopped to re-hidrate and ice cream  at Fountain Flat Trading Post on Hwy 99 14 km north of Lillooet. Temperature now 34 on our way back to Lytton. Temperature in Lytton was 40 degrees. The same bike had to be jump started each stop and he made it home safely.  Once we got to Boston Bar we just had to stop for more water and a rootbeer float. The route home took us on Hwy 7 from Hope to Aggazia and the back onto Hwy 1 to home. This was a very enjoyable ride at posted speeds and didn't seem too long with the regular stops.

July 8, 2012 Marble Canyon
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June 30-July1, 2012 3 Day Ride to the Kootenays

At 7:30 am June 30, seven bikes met under cloudy skies to ride this 1600 plus km ride. The rain didn't discourage the eargerness of the group. First stop was Chilliwack Ricky's for breakfast and meet up with another rider. 1st day we had a little sune and lots of showers throughout the day. Vernon was the first night stop over @ the Schell Motel. (very nice place). Sunday (Canada Day) breakfast at Denny's to start off. Sunny in the morning, but as the day went on we say some showers as well. Second night we stayed at the Sandman  in Castlegar. Third day home on Hwy 3.

June 30-July2 Kootenay
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June 24, 2012 Marblemount for Lunch

Three bikes met at McDonalds for this 380 km ride to Marblemouunt for lunch. Three more Roadriders met us at Big Al's in Blaine where we stopped as planned for breakfast. We don't usually cross the border at Blaine because of the border lineups. By using this border crossing it opened up more roads that we normally  travel on. AThe preplanned route showed us some very good roads on our way to the destiation. The weather started out with some very light cloud, and there was some foggy spots along the way. Marblemont Diner was the lunch stop. Staying off Hwy 20 as much as possible we returned home under sunny skies on the famous Hwy 11 (Chuckanut Drive).

June 17,2012 Squamish

This morning broken clouds were covering the sky, some very dark, but still five bikes met at mcDonalds to start this ride which was scheduled to go to Squamish for lunch. The traditional stop at Ricky's for breakfast was the first thing on the schedule. After breakfast it was plain that rain gear would be the outer part of our outfit today. Still everyone had no doubts about continuing. We reached Squamish by 10:30 so it was to early for lunch as we still had a belly full of breakfast. So at the rest stop in Sqamish there was no disputes when it was suggested we go to Pemberton. We had already travelled through a few fairly heavy showers, but the sun was almost shining at this time. Off we went and yes there were more sessions of rain  and some warm sun as well. Now in Pemberton we wanted to try a place for lunch that we hadn't been to before.  We found this bakery on Portage Rd. It was very good for desert and coffee. I had a steak pie, I think it was the best I ever had.  We headed south to home via Lionsgate bridge and on Hwy 99. It was a good ride and the rain never dampned any spirits. Approximately 420 km return.

June 10, 2012 Sunshine Coast, Egmont for lunch

Seven bikes arrived at McDonalds to ride this 350 km plus ferry ride.On the Hwy west of Vancouver another member joined us. When we arrived at the ferry onramp there were two more Roadriders. When we got off the ferry there was another member waiting for us, however we turned towards Gibsons and he couldn't connect with us. We traveled as much as we could off the main roads and when we were aproaching  the last turn to Egmont, Leroy was turning in front of us coming from the oppiste direction. Now eleven bikes and a dozen people for lunch. The day started with dark clouds, but all that came had faith in the weatherman's prediction for sun. By the time we reached Gibsons the sun was out and stayed with us all day. We boarded the 4:50 ferry from Langdale

June 10 Egmont
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June 3, 2012 Exploring Whatcom County Back roads

We gathered six bikes strong at McDonalds even though the weather was cloudy. Peter and Joan arrived riding a new Spyder RT.  We left Mcd and headed for the border at Aldergrove, and to our delight the line up was minimal so it didn't take long to be on our way to the Hilltop for breakfast. When we were ready to leave after a great breakfast it was lightly raining with dark threatening clouds.We agreed to start on the route and re-elvaluate that decision if the rains came. Well they never did come, infact it turned into a beautiful day. ( think it was my doing by putting on my rain gear.) We were once again surprized that there were indeed roads in Whatcom County that we had never ridden. Richard did it again. We were as far south as Lake McMurrphy and as far west as was possible and still be on land. The total distance including return to White Rock was 362 km.

June 3, 2012 Whatcom County
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May 27, 2012 Princeton Tulameen

Ten bikes gathered at McDonalds under dark clouds for this plannned 574 km ride. First stop was Micheal's Firehouse Grill in Dewdney for breakfast. Here we had another bike join us as well as Patrick O'Brein joined us for breakfast. It was great to see Patrick on his bike, he has had an extended medicl problem. We headed east on Hwy 7, expecting to arravie in Hope. About 35 km east of Mission the road was closed due to an oil spill. So we turned around and over the Mission bridge to Hope. This added about an hour of extra riding which no one complained about. Getting closer to Princeton the sun did appear amd this helped relieve the fear of rain. Once in Princeton the group wanted to head to merrit after we did the Tulameen run. So it shall be, Home Restaraunt for lunch. This  along with the detour we had to do extended the trip from a planed 570 km to 695 km.

May 19-21 Hood Canal 3 day ride

Eight bikes with eleven people met at Denny's in Bellingham for breakfast before starting on this 1130 km ride.  First day was beautiful, sunny weather all day. We stayed at the Maple Grove Motel in Quilcene the first night. About 350 km. We rode through Discovery Bay, Dungeness Bay, and other places to many to list. On the moring one couple left the group to go shopping, before heading home. Second day we stayed at Quality Inn, in Lacey. Second day we did 350 km in rain all day. Our leader asked if we were still wanting to carry on with the planned route or cut it short becaues of the rain. Everyone wanted to continue even though it was raining and predictions was for it to continue. I believe we all had a great time on great roads that I don't know where our leader, Richard finds them. Third and final day it was raining just like the day before. About 400 km is the route today, in the rain and everyone smiling as if they were sane. We had a very great fun ride with good people, great roads and food. Thanks Richard for a perfect event.

Hood Canal May 19-21
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May 13, 2012 Othello Tunnels, Bridal falls (Mother's Day)

10 bikes met at McDonalds, two more joined in at Ricky's where we had breakfast before crossing the Golden Ears bridge to Harrison,Hope and Bridal falls.

May 13, 2012 Othello Tunnels
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May 6, 2012 Darrington-Arlington loop    

Five bikes left McDonalds on this sunny morning, before we got far a late arrival joined the group. Hilltop Cafe was the first stop,  breakfast, where two more bikes were waiting. Travelling on only back roads. The scenery was great, the weather warm, the roads good. Ride was about 360 km

May 6, 2012 Arlington-Darrington Loop
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April 29, 2012 Tsawwassen Swapmeet/Squamish

Cloudy skies this morning as ten bikes meet at the usual palce to start this Sunday ride. Ricky's was the first stop for breakfast where we met up with two more bikes. With lots of time before the swapmeet starts we were in no hurry to get to Tsawwassen. However with the recent changes in the roads near the Hwy 1, the GPS was not aware of these and caused us to take a different route then planned. Our leader recognized the problem and promply got us back on the correct route. A one hour stop at the swapmeet was enough for most of us before continuing on to Squamish for lunch. The sun did peak out a couple of times during the day and the rain did stay away.

Taswwassen/SquamishApril 29, 2012
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April 22, 2012 Tulip festival

The LaConner Tulip Festival ride started out with three bikes leaving MacDonalds under a cloudy sky. I was worried that we might run into rain as we headed South. Breakfast was at the Hilltop Restaurant where we met up with three more LRR members for a total of six bikes. No one was really interested in spending too much time with the 3Tulips4, but I do have pictures proving that we did see them. Shortly after I took these photos a motorcycle cop came along and shook his finger at us for stopping in a 3No Parking” area. We left LaConner in the sunshine and headed south on Fir Island Hwy and Pioneer Hwy to Stanwood where we rode around Camano Island and stopped for lunch. From there we went East to Hwy 9 and headed North to Sedro Wooley, here we rejoined the original gps route around Cain Lake and Whatcom Lake back to Hwy 9. At Acme I decided to loop around Mosquito Lake to add some more twisty sections to the route and then stopped at Deming for an ice cream break. From there we headed North on Hwy 9 to disburse at Badger road. It turned out to be a great day of riding.


April 22, 2012 Tulip Ride
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April 15, 2012 local lakes ride

Tweleve bikes gathered to take part in the cloudy day to ride. First stop was Ricky's for breakfast, Then a ride throught the valley to visit some of the local lakes. Lunch at the Old Settlers pub in Harrison.

April 15, 2012 Local Lakes
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April 7&8, 2012 Easter weekend Overnight in Poulsbo Washington

Four bikes and riders took the offer of our ride committe to do an early in the season two day ride. We met at Denny's in Bellingham (was -2 degrees when I left home) early to advoid the border lineups. After breakfast we headed to Chuckanut drive to start off. Then to Coupsville to get on the ferry to Port Townsend. Lunch was at a very unique place called Fat Restaurant in Discovery Bay, The biggest burgers that I have not seen for a long time. We tried to ride the Hurricaine Ridge, but it was still covered in snow. I don't know how Richard finds all these wonderful roads. Spent the night at Poulsbo Inn as planned. Afer the included breakfast he were on the road again. Both days the weather was perfect. Another ferry to Edmonds and then to Marblemount for lunch at the caboose. It was great.  Final leg was through Noocksack and home.

April 7-8, 2012 Easter weekend
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The sun finally came out and it was warm so six bikes with seven people met at Ricky's for a ride in the valley. We travelled back roads on the south side of the river until Mission where we crossed to the North side. Rode many roads here and then decided to head for Hope for lunch. Back home ward on the south side of the river and home along Vye road. it was a good ride.

March 25, 2012
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Sunday February 12 Brunch @ Newlands

This was a first for LRRMC a brunch with past members invited as a get together. It was a great event and I think enjoyed by all. It was wonderful to see old friends,  

The turn out filled the room at Newlands where we all ate till we could burst at the magnificent buffet they offer here.

February 12, 2012 brunch
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Sunday January 8, 2012 Brunch @ Ricky's

The very first gathering of Roadriders in 2012 was today at Ricky's for a brunch. There was a lot of Happy new year greetings as everyone arrived to see some of there riding buddies and friends.



Saturday December 3, 2011 Christmas Party

The final event of the year is once again our christmas party and it was a great success. This year organized by Rose Panek and committee, the tables were arranged in areas of the room and with white table cloths. Rose used her superb crafting skills to make all the table center pieces that were two on each table. Ken again the MC guided us through the evening. While waiting for our turkey and beef buffet dinner we each collected signatures of all guests and even some other ABC patrons as a get aquainted exercise. The winner of this with the most signatures was Don Prieur . This allowed everyone to meet everyother person who attended. The committee had collected and drew tickets to distribute the many door prizes. 50/50 was won by Al Stessen. Finally the gift exchange which is always fun and sometimes frustrating for some when you win a nice gift and someone steals it.

Christmas 2011
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Sunday October 3, 2011 Inch Creek/Weaver Creek

This ride is the last scheduled ride of the 2011 season. The morning was cool but sun and fog but didn't deter fourteen bikes from showing up. Travelling on some different back roads to reach Mission bridge and then to Dewdney for breakfast at Michaels Fire house Grill. Now the fog has cleared and the temperature warmer, we went to Inch creek to check out the seven foot long Sturgeon. Now on the road again to Weaver creek to see the spawning channels full of salmon.  It is a beautil day and no one wants to stop riding, so we find some more new roads, finding ourselves near Cultus lake where we stopped for Lunch at the golf course. The route home wards was on the southern back roads of Chilliwack and Abbotsford to finish the day off, but hopefully we can ride a couple more before the end of the decent weather.

October 23-11 Weaver creek
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Sunday October 16, 2011 Fraser Valley Toy Run

Fourteen bikes showed up for this very nice October day ride. First thing in the morning it was 2.8 degrees on my thermometer and foggy. The weather forecast was for a mild and sunny day. By the time we finished breakfast at Ricky's it was a little warmer. As we crossed the Golden Ears bridge we rode in heavey fog. In Mission the sun was burning the fog off. This year there were more bikes then I had ever seen here, over 800 it was reported. After the Toy run we left while the annoucing was still going on. Back to Mission under now sunny and warm skies, we stopped in Dewdney for lunch. With full bellies we left for Harrison Hotsprings and then Chilliwack. Fuel stop and home on the southern back roads to complete a very enjoyable late season ride.

October 16, 2011Valley Toy Run
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Sunday Oct. 9, 2011 Langley BC to Langley Wa.

Three bikes met at McDonalds and after crossing the border at Aldergrove they met up with two more at Denny's for breakfast. Following a similar route as the July 24th ride, ending up in Langley Wa. Traveling on different roads home.

October 9, 2011 Langley Wa.
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Sunday Oct. 2, 2011 Vancouver Toy Run

The usual gathering of bikes and riders at McDonalds for the Sunday ride under very warm and sunny skies. Today is the 33rd annual Vancouver toy run. There were a huge attendance this year for the Toy run. After breakfast at Ricky's we headed to Coquitlam Center were the run starts from.. After making our donations we headed off to Squamish for lunch. This road as always was an excellent ride. After lunch we returned on the Sea to Sky hwy until Horse Shoe Bay and then travelled the Marine drive to 2nd Narrows bridge and home. A very nice ride for late in the riding season.

Sunday Oct. 2-11 Vancouver Toy Run
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Sunday September 18, 2011 Ride in the Valley

The scheduled ride today was around the Fraser Valley, some of the roads many of us may not have been on before. However it was raining this morning with predictions of clearer skies in the afternoon. Only two people showed up for the ride, one in a four wheeled vehicle. So to Ricky's for breakfast and home.

Sunday September 11, 2011 Priceton-Merritt loop

Sunny and warm morning when seven bikes met and left for Ricky's for breakfast. One more joined in after breakfast. Back roads to Hwy 11 and then onto Hwy one to Hope. One bike had to return, so now there are seven again.  Stop in Princeton for gas, then to Merritt. One more chose to return home on the Hwy five. The rest had lunch at the Home Restaurant in Merritt before heading to Spences Bridge and home through the Fraser Canyon.

September 11, 2011
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Saturday, Sunday, Monday  Sept. 4-5-6

Eight bikes with twelve people did this three day ride to Mt. St. Helens. They stayed two nights in Kelso.

September 4-5-6, 2011
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Sunday September 4, 2011 Ryder & Chilliwack lakes

Three bike only did this ride No story, Photos only

September 4,2011 Ryder & Chilliwack lake
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Sunday August 28, 2011 Osprey lake

This was a most unusal ride, we started  with five bikes, added one, then at every stop we lost bikes until the leader came home on his own from Princeton . Only five bikes gathered at McDonalds for this ride to Osprey Lake planned to be about 560 km. Travelling on back roads to Hwy 11 and cross the Mission Bridge to the North side of the Fraser river. First stop is for breakfast at Michael's Firehouse Grill in Dewdney. Another Roadrider met up with us here. The breakfast was very good and we will be stopping there again. Stopping in Hope for gas and to say goodbye to one bike that had to return home. Manning park was next, where another one had to leave. The weather was perfect for riding, sunny and warm, traffic was light. Once in Princeton another bike left the group to go to Oliver. Two bikes deciced they would rather go to Merrit and have lunch, while two bikes carried on and rode the next 46 km to Osprey lakeand back. Back in Princeton one bike went to join back up with the two that went to Merrit. The leader after checking the different routes and now on his own decided to head home via Merrit for a total trip of 688 km.

August 28, 2011 Osprey
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Sunday August 21, 2011 Duffy Lake

Nine bikes met at McDonalds unders slight high clouds, predictions was for Sunny skies.  As Planned we rode to Ricky's in Chilliwack for breakfast where we met up with two more. Back on the road, Hwy one Lytton, then  on Hwy twelve to Lilleott for lunch and with as pre arranged meet with a couple we had never riden with before. Now twelve bikes to ride towards home on Hwy 99. Roads were good with the exception of a few kilometers of good gravel road near Pemberton. Icecream stop in Pemberton  and a fginal rest stop un squamish before heading home on 99 and then Hwy 1. Approx. 600 km total. It was a good relaxed trip with good weather for riding, Sunny most of the way and not too hot.

Duffy Lake Aug.21-11
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Sunday August 14, 2011 Ride to Manning Park and Barbecue

Twelve bikes showed up for the ride to Manning Park under slightly cloudy skies. The first stop was the usual breakfast @ Ricky's where a few other Roadriders that were not going on the ride joined in for breakfast. Along backroads where possible and avoiding the traffic going to the Abbotsford airshow they had a good ride to the lookout above Manning park lodge. Back home ward and to the barbecue @ Mary Ann and George's place. Although the weather man had predicted showers today it turned out to be a great day for a barbecue. Sunny, but not too hot for the shaded backyard where the 35 or so people gathered to consume the burgers, hot dogs Paul and George barbecued along with salads, fruit and non-alchol drinks. Mary Ann's  all home made cookies, cakes served for desert

Aug.14-11 Manning Park-Barbecue
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Sunday Aug.7, 2011 Lunch in Marblemount wa

It appears summer has finally arrived in  this part of the word. The sun is shinning and it is ride day for LRRMC.  Seven bikes gathered at McDonalds for this 400 km ride into the U.S.A. and back. We have travelled some of these roads many times over the years, but today we discovered some new roads that are motorcycle friendly. Breakfast was at Bob's Burgers in Sumas, lunch was at the Que Car BBQ the  old red caboose that has the big smoker/Barbecue in Marblemount.

Marblemount Aug.7-11
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Three day July 30.31, Aug.1 Grand Coulee/Yakima

Seven bikes,nine people gathered to do this 1600 km ride over three days. Breakfast at Denny's in Fernridge was the first stop and gathering place. The long border line up caused us to leave later then planned, but we still reached our destination for a late suppper. After watching the Grand Coulee dam light show it was back to the room for a good nights rest. Next morning some got up to wash the bikes before meeting for breakfast  and a 8:30 departure. Now heading for Yakima via some excellent roads, which is why we signed up for the ride in the first place. We stopped enroute and picked up some stuff for a picnic lunch in at a rest stop. Beautiful weather again today, at times in the mid 90`s. Once again check into the reserved rooms and tonight it is Chinese food for dinner. On the way home next morning we of course rode Destination Highways roads. arriving home by dinner time to complete a wonderful weekend ride with great people to do it with.

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Sunday July 24, 2011 Langley BC to Langley Wa.

This morning is one of the few this year that starts out sunny. Six traditional looking bikes and a machine with two front wheels and one back wheel was @ McDonalds waiting to start this 430 km ride. Yes, Langley Roadriders has it's first member with a Spyder. Back to the ride, First stop was at the Hilltop Cafe in Bellingham for breakfast. Here two more bikes joined us. We followed the route designed by our ride committe and experienced some awesome roads. We took our time with lots of stops along the way enjoying the senery, stopping in Coupeville for lunch. Some of us just had ice cream, some a hot dog from a street vendor, one went shopping, others went for a sit down lunch. Two bikes headed home from here the rest went on to Langley WA. After Langley visit we shortened the planned route a little, but still avoided the freeway driving the famous Chuckanut drive to Bellingham. Weather wise it was most likely the best riding day we have seen this year.

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Sunday July 24, 2011     Alternate Ride in the Valley

This ride was not on the schedule, but Larry and Rose offered to lead a ride to start @ 9:00 am. It must have been a good idea because about seven bikes accepted the offer.  The ride was in the Valley with a stop in Harrison Hot Springs.  Looks like they had lunch at the Old Settlers Pub.

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Sunday July 17, 2011 Egmont  (Sunshine Coast)

Twelve bikes met for this ride to Egmont on the Sunshine Coast. Despite the cloudy skies everyone was ready for this 360 km return trip. Riding straight to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal to catch the Queen of Surrey to Langdale. To save time we ate breakfast on the ferry. After docking in Langdale we left the ferry and regrouped in Gibsons. After a short time to allow people to remove some clothing to make up for the warmer tempatures we returned to Hwy        101. A great ride through Sechelt and the the road then develops into more twistys as you get closer to Egmont. We stopped at Backeddy pub and restaurant for lunch. Now with full stomachs we headed back, making some side trips before getting back to the ferry.

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        Sunday July 10, 2011 Winthrop

       Nine bikes met at McDonalds and ready to leave at 8:00 am sharp for a long ride to Winthrop Washington. Because this was a 640 km ride we had planned         a no breakfast stop ride. We crossed the border at Aldergrove/Lynden with almost no wait. One bike decided to  do a short ride on their own, three bikes,         not wanting to do this long trip turned back before         the border. The remaining five bikes headed toward Hwy nine to Hwy 20 and drove the very scenic                 Hwy through the Cascades. Once in Winthrop we had a great lunch in a Mexican restaurant. Refuel and head home on the same road. The border line up         coming home slowed us down for about  3/4 hour. It was a great ride and the weather was perfect.

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        Friday, Saturday,Sunday July1-2-3 long weekend ride to the Kootenays

       July 1st seven bikes met @ Ricky's under sunny skies for this tree day ride to the Kootenays. We headed across the Golden Ears bridge to trvel Hwy 7 to         hope. Here we refueld and met up with another Roadrider. Now eight bikes and ten people we travel Hwy three to Princeton, then the Old Headley road.                 Once in Keremeos it was once time to eat again. Our first two choices of retaurants were closed, however we did find a place to eat. Back on the bikes         we         headed up the Twin lakes road coming out at Oosoyoos. Then Richard took us on a side thrip through the vineyards which was good to see. Now back         on         the         Crowsnest Hwy through Rock Creek to Grand Forks where we stayed the night. 520 km without much traffic this day,

       Day two:  

       After breakfast the rain had stopped and we left Grandforks at 8:00am         heading northeast on Hwy three to Creston and the up the east side of                                 Kooetnay lake arriving just as the ferry was coming in  (what a leader) The 35 minute ferry trip set us on soil at Balfour. Now on the west side of the                         Kootenay lake we travel north to Kaslo. We stayed the night at Nakusp @ the Kuskanax Lodge. Very nice. 442m today

       Day three:  

       We woke up to rain this morning (and clean windshilds, thanks Richard). After breakfast at the hotel we left @ 8:00 am. We followed Hwy 6 over the                 Fauquier- Balfour ferry (where once again the leader got us there just as the ferry was approaching the landing) on toVernon with a little detour onto                         Creighton Valley road with about 25 km of packed gravel. We didn't know it was gravel as it started out paved.         Then down the West side road to West         Bank were we had lunch, some had chinese, some had Subway. Then home on Hwy 97C and the Coquhalla to Hope, icecream stop.            

        This day was 640km. Everyone said it was a good fun trip.      

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